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Shy BL Senior Uses His Passion to Shed Shyness

Luke Koehler, a senior at Boys’ Latin, revealed his particularly striking passion for music.

While Koehler’s shy, laid back, and somewhat reserved attitude doesn’t present much on the surface to many within the BL community, he has a fascinating musical facet to himself.

Koehler said he’s shy, describing the way he thinks others at BL see him. Like many other students, he possesses a passion for music. However, Koehler’s relationship with music differs from the typical relationship that many share; Koehler uses music, specifically classic rock, to shed his shyness and push for the outgoing nature which he wishes to possess in his day to day attitude.

“I’m not really ever nervous when I’m playing music,” Koehler states. Koehler’s use of music in a therapeutic way is not a new phenomenon, however; it’s a trait which he has cultivated for the majority of his life.

His musical endeavors have now culminated with him having an integral guitarist role in a band as a result of years of practice. Koehler describes his musical roots by indicating, “I started when I was probably six or seven years old. Ever since I could remember, it’s just been a thing that I’ve stuck with.”

Further, Koehler sees music as much more than just sounds and patterns; he sees music as a way to reflect his personality in a fashion in which words simply cannot, describing guitar “almost like a different language.” While Koehler indicates this directly, validity to his words is given by Mr. Roche, Upper School Learning Specialist, who has seen Koehler grow over the course of his high school career both academically and musically.

Mr. Roche first met Koehler through interactions encompassing academics. He claims that, initially, the majority of these interactions were informal, however, Mr. Roche and Koehler, through discussions about their favorite genre, classic rock, playing music and performing, would come to bond over their mutual love for the personal release that music offers. Mr. Roche expresses a genuine respect for Luke: “he has an innate ability because he can see patterns, and I think he has a really good memory; he can really connect with what he hears.”

Mr. Roche also remarked about Koehler ’s sheer passion when it comes to music.

Mr. Roche declared, “I had the love of music, and the desire to play music in high school, but didn’t have the discipline to actually learn.” However, Koehler has such a passion for music that “he is pushing himself much earlier to go and learn.” As a result, Mr. Roche feels that “when he gets older, Luke is going to be so much better and will really be able to do something with his musical talent.”

However, what’s most surprising and interesting about Koehler is his current membership in his band called “Nan.” According to Koehler, his band membership has given him more confidence as a musician, given the increased stress and difficulty of performing.

On the bright side, this stressfulness is not in vain. Koehler believes that through performing with his band, he has gotten to bond with people that he typically would not have interactions with. He also believes that the close-knit nature of his band has formed bonds that will last for the entirety of his life.

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