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Garrus Strives for Independence Through Academics, Sports

Wayne Garrus is a student at Boys’ Latin who is an exceptional scholar and athlete but strives to be independent in his adulthood.

Wayne strives to be independent in his future. He said his parents guided him along in his childhood and shielded him from trouble. Garrus said later in his life he “wanna do what Wayne wants to do,” rather than be influenced by his father.

Garrus began attending Boys’ Latin in 2014 as a freshman. Garrus chose Boys’ Latin over rival school St. Paul’s because he wanted a tight-knit community along with a strong robotics team. A private school education was also a must for Garrus’ decision on where to attend high school.

After settling in at Boys’ Latin, Garrus knew it was the best fit for him because of the sense of brotherhood. The patented brotherhood of Boys’ Latin is described by Garrus as, “everyone is your brother” and everyone has each other’s back. “Everyone is different,” said Garrus in an enthusiastic tone as all students are embraced.

As a young child, Garrus originally wanted to attend McDonogh for his academics because of family connections he had there. Just a short six-minute drive from his home, Garrus chose Boys’ Latin over McDonogh for the brotherhood, tight community feel that McDonogh lacks.

Garrus is known to the student body as a very intelligent and bright student in and out of the classroom. Deven Smith, a fellow classmate of Garrus, said Garrus “strives to be the best” and is a “good kid” in and out of school. Garrus is in multiple AP courses which offer a rigorous course load which Garrus tackles with ease.

Garrus is intrigued with learning and doing well in classes like AP statistics. His teacher Mrs. Reid said Garrus “speaks for many people” in the classroom when clarifying questions during class. Garrus has achieved academic success as he earned dean’s list and honor roll throughout his high school career.

Garrus’ athletic ability sprouted from his dad who was an exceptional track runner. Garrus’ dad influenced him to try baseball for Boys’ Latin during sophomore year in an attempt to increase physical activity. Garrus attended baseball camps during the summer of his sophomore year which led to his acceptance on the junior varsity baseball team.

Aside from schoolwork, Garrus loves to spend time with his friends at the movies, with his girlfriend, or to just being alone and watching Netflix. Garrus occasionally spends his Fridays at Sky zone while he bounces around the indoor complex.

Garrus has been on the robotics team for all his high school life and spends countless hours in the lab. Fellow teammate Cole Jarrett’s favorite memory with Garrus came from a robotics tournament as the two spoke to judges about their robot to ensure a Boys’ Latin victory. Jarrett is a lifelong friend of Garrus beginning in the third grade at Fort Garrison Elementary school.

Garrus is loved by all of his classmates and teachers for being such an honest and hardworking young man. Jarrett said Garrus is “someone I can open up to” which is a great quality to have as a friend. Garrus is well known by his fellow classmates for his countless bow ties and dashing outfits during the school day.

Garrus has developed into a staple of the Boys’ Latin brotherhood and is a brother for life to all of his classmates. Garrus leaves a legacy through his countless hours in the robotics lab, in the classroom, and on the baseball field.

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