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O’Dell Loves Boys’ Latin

Will O’Dell was worried when he arrived in the seventh grade at Boys’ Latin, however, he overcame his fears and found multiple friends.

O’Dell came to Boys’ Latin in the seventh grade not knowing a single person, however, he opened himself up to everyone and became friends with the students and teachers. On his way to the first day of school, he was worried that he wouldn’t make any friends at this new school. Little did O’Dell know he found a community where he can make friends with anyone.

Will O’Dell chose to attend Boys’ Latin because of the healthy relationships. O’Dell began to build these friendships with teachers and students from the first day he arrived. Because of those relationships, O’Dell has been able to perform very well in the classroom and on the sports field.

O’Dell has always loved the camaraderie of Boys’ Latin, and he also loves how the school provides a myriad of activities to help build his relationships. O’dell stated, “[Boys’ Latin] showed me how to be more social and confident, and everyone was very approachable on my first day.”

O’Dell was comfortable the first day he arrived at the school, however, he made his true friendships during sports.

Throughout his time at Boys’ Latin, O’Dell has played sports, attended classes, and hung out with a variety of students and teachers; one can find O’Dell playing hockey, badminton, or club lacrosse with Danny Norman, Max Mygatt, and Justin Burbello. O’Dell has been able to spend a lot of time during sports socializing.

Norman, who is a fellow hockey and badminton teammate, stated that he first met O’Dell “playing hockey in seventh grade on the tennis courts. And that’s how we got to know each other. We also see each other every day during lunch and sports, and we work out together.”

He found the perfect school for him because he was able to join extracurricular activities, but he was also able to find unique friends that had the same interests as him.

O’Dell is a hardworking young man who loves to watch and play sports with his friends, but most of all, the Boys’ Latin student found teachers in the community who support and encourage him.

When in need for intellectual, social, or academic answers, O’Dell will find himself in Mr. Roche’s office.

Mr. Roche, who occasionally helps O’Dell academically, has formed a unique friendship with O’Dell; they see each other at least once a day and talk about nearly anything.

Mr. Roche talks very highly about O’Dell, but the teacher also explained his first memory of him when “Mckenney Box and Rashawn Evans made a “Mr. Roche” sign in my office, and one of the letters was not dark enough. So, Will comes in and asks me, ‘What does “Miraché” mean?’ To this day, whenever we see each other, we both mispronounce each other’s names as a little joke.”

Both O’Dell and Mr. Roche feel comfortable and open enough to talk to each other honestly, and O’Dell loves the fact that Boys’ Latin provides teachers who are friends with their students. O’Dell has many other friendships with teachers including Mr. Robinson and Coach Maisel.

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