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Box is Human-Student-Athlete

Sports always have fit in the picture for him. His name is practically synonymous with grit and dedication. However, during his high school years, he’s asked more of himself.

McKenney Box has pushed himself to be the best version of himself. He is driven to be an excellent student-athlete at Boys’ Latin. The people Box surrounds himself with, as well as the sports he plays, aids in the development of his character.

Box has been a Laker since the third grade. Even in lower school, he knew he wanted to be a phenomenal athlete as he got older. Although Box tended to struggle with academics in lower school, he did not waver from his goal to be someone who had both sports and school going for him.

Despite it being difficult to focus, the middle school provided Box with more opportunities to excel in the classroom and on the lacrosse and football fields. It was in middle school where Box’s goals really started to feel tangible. His grades and focus improved while still being a competitive athlete.

Come eighth grade, he wanted to fully mutate into a beast—a beast who dominated with books and in the sports arena. A beast with a good head on its shoulders, because having a mentally tough mind is key to succeeding in both settings.

Football and lacrosse began to shape Box.

Coaches instilled values in Box that translated to the way he carried himself on and off the field. Box attributed sports as the reason why he has such a strong work ethic.

He said football and lacrosse have taught him plenty about teamwork and sacrifice and allowed him to value more relationships. Box added, “They’ve definitely taught me what it means to persevere” through seemingly hopeless situations.

Transitioning into upper school, Box wanted to be known for someone who is social and open to getting to know more people. He wanted to be someone people are comfortable with and able to talk to because he isn’t judgemental. Box takes pride in “coming to school every day and having a good attitude, being respectful, [and] working hard.”

Box has gotten the opportunity to get to know a few guys quite well here at BL. He’s known a few for almost 10 years now. One of those guys is Jamie Rice.

Pointing to some of Box’s strengths, Rice noted that he is “able to relate to people. He’s social, he can like talk to anyone basically, and he’s a hard worker.”

Another friend Box has known for almost 10 years is Michael Ubriaco. Ubriaco mentioned, “He doesn’t really care about what other people’s opinions are of him.” Ubriaco continued, “He’s very loyal to his close friends. I feel like I can trust McKenney with just about anything.”

The importance of relationships has grown for Box throughout his BL career. When describing him and his friends, he said, “We accept each other for like who we are: not like whether they are good at sports or they’re, you know, higher in AP classes.”

Although these relationships will not be the same when Box goes off to Washington College, he plans to maintain some connections.

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