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Morton, a Great Classmate, is an Even Better Person

Family legacy is a key component of Boys’ Latin’s community. In the case of Jack Morton, this was a key component on choosing where he’d further his education from the ages of 14 to 18. Morton chose Boys’ Latin because of the impressions he got when following his brother Nick while he roamed the halls on Lake Avenue.

It’s very tough to maintain good grades in AP and honors classes, and this feat is even harder when two sports are added to the mix. However, this has been accomplished by Morton, who has made abundantly clear academics come first becoming a Williams Scholar every year at BL, even while playing lacrosse, football, and now for his senior year, cross country.   

He’s been described as a selfless player on the lacrosse field. This is due to the fact that he has been the backup on varsity for two years now behind a Georgetown commit, Chris Brandau. Brandau said, “Morton makes me a better player; he pushes me every day and helps me and our team doing the little things.”

This is Morton’s most valuable trait. Morton has the ability to make people around him better with his positive attitude and team spirit. Morton has had a lot of involvement with leadership roles as well with many captain positions on his sports teams.

Outside of school, Morton finds himself reading, watching movies from the 80s, and hanging out with friends. Most of the time, his weekends are laid back.

Occasionally, Morton finds himself waking up early in order to go to a club lacrosse practice or tournament. If Morton isn’t doing any of these things, he can be found “hanging with family,” including his sister Julia.

Morton also actively does community service. After talking with Coach Pharrell, head coach of the varsity lacrosse team, his involvement with community service was made abundantly clear. Pharrel said, “I know he’s signed up with several community service activities, as well as his involvement with the LAUNCH program; he’s just a dude who loves to be involved.”

Overall, Morton has loved his total experience at Boys’ Latin: “It is a special place where your son has the opportunity to form unique and lasting relationships with others.” 

When described himself as, “Stubborn, “my way or no way”, and unorganized.” However, a typical person wouldn’t see these characteristics at first glance.

Yet, after talking with Morton about his best characteristics he said, “I really don’t know. I’m pretty average I think.” Yet Morton is far from average, from his gleaming outgoing personality to his overflowing joyfulness, he can always put a smile on someone’s face.  

Morton’s interests in career choices seem to have already been made as he is looking to pursue physical therapy. He’s hoping this journey to becoming a DPT will take him as far away from Maryland as possible. He’s looking at studying the next four years at Fairfield, Delaware, Maryland or the Merchant Marine Academy.

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