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Lange Uses One Passion to Find Another

A Boys’ Latin student, class of ‘18, plans to use his artistic abilities in naval architecture.

Jack Lange spent nearly his entire summer away at a naval architecture internship in Washington, D.C. His internship took place at the Surface Warfare Center which is where naval vessels are built. During the internship, Lange’s task over the eight weeks was to design a ship that could pick up garbage from the north Pacific gyre.

Lange stayed with a family friend who lives in downtown D.C. While most kids would become stressed not having their parents to fall back on, he found his time away to be more stress-free.

Without his parents in the same house, he was able to enjoy being independent. “It was nice to be independent but still get to see my parents on the weekends,” said Lange. A large part of this is because he has been attending the same school his mother has been working at since pre-first. Not having the stress of his parents pushing him to excel in the classroom boosted his interest in architecture even more so.

Lange’s love for naval architecture started at a young age when he spent much of his childhood around boats. He started to enjoy drawing pictures of the boats he saw and soon realized he became quite good at this. Drawing the outside appearance of the boats became so easy for him that he started to draw detailed designs and blueprints of how he would design his own boats.

Lange never had any sort of lessons in drawing or painting when he was growing up. When he realized his blossoming potential in the arts when practicing on his dad’s boat, he self-taught himself, and with every boat he drew, he kept improving.

As Lange grew older, his love for art grew more intense. He soon gained the reputation from his classmates as arguably the best artist in the grade. In lower school, his art could be seen on the walls of the library and on the cover of the yearbook.

Lange’s artistic ability prompted him to join the yearbook club his sophomore year. The yearbook club consists of knowing where to put pictures and how to organize the pictures to go along with the texts. Yearbook falls right into his skillset because both of his passions come into play here as he has to construct where to put everything in a manner that is pleasing to the eye.  

During his senior year, Lange was chosen along with his co-president for the yearbook club, Ryan Hurley, to create the spirit t-shirt this year’s rivalry football game against St. Paul’s. When Mr. Post asked the class of 2018 to pick someone to design the shirt, just about everyone’s finger pointed to Lange and Hurley, who coincidentally sat next to each other.

Lange and Hurley created the t-shirt at an incredibly fast pace.  Both have a lot of experience working together since they have spent three years in the yearbook club. Hurley said, “Jack and I have always worked well together.”

It’s easy to see where naval architecture and art intertwine. Lange wanting to use his skills for something like naval architecture is something everyone at BL can learn from. Many kids at BL are blindly going to college without knowing what they want to pursue, but if they dig deeper like Jack Lange has done, they can find what they are really passionate about.

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