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Maisel Sets Date for Grand Opening of Military Museum

Mr. Maisel’s U.S. Military Museum is set to make its grand opening on April 26th, 2017. The Museum is located in the Upper School next to the Student Commons. The museum will showcase exhibits with every aspect of the military through all of the wars in American history.

Empty Case

Cases of the early wars during construction.

Mr. Maisel is especially excited to unveil his collection of military pieces to the entire school. “I’ve had this idea for 20 years,” Mr. Maisel started. “I’ve had this huge collection forever. I thought why not have it all in one place and everyone can use it.”

Mr. Maisel described the process of the construction of the museum as “complicated” based on all of the moving parts and the many roles being played in the construction. However, the progress of the museum has spread throughout the entire Upper School, and many students are looking forward to the grand opening.

Each case has a mannequin with the uniform, weapon, equipment, rations, etc. from each war in American history. Some cases will even feature BL students who have served in those wars.

Of course, Mr. Maisel wasn’t alone in the making of this museum. Seniors Garrett Dreiband and Garrett Glaeser are currently helping Mr. Maisel with a sound system for each of the display cases in the museum.

“For each case, we’ve bought one audio system and with that, we are able to put an audio file on a chip that we can play on a speaker. When you press the button, the speaker will share a story about the person in the case,” said Garrett Dreiband.

Filled Case

Cases of the early years with dressed mannequins.

This wasn’t an easy task, either. Dreiband and Glaeser had to go out and buy a sound system on their own since they were creating the system for their LAUNCH project.

“We had to research many companies to find an audio system. Luckily, we found a UK based company that sold at a good price and sent us over everything we needed,” Garrett Glaeser stated.

Dreiband and Glaeser are currently finishing the voice overs for the speakers and should be ready to go for the grand opening.

Now that the date for the opening is coming along, Mr. Maisel cannot wait to see what the students take out of this new addition to BL.

“I hope that people realize that this museum is about people. That’s my whole message. It’s not about cool mannequins with guns and that sort of thing. It’s about the story behind the mannequin and the story behind the artifacts. I want people to come away with what war is like, the experience of it with BL, and all of the personal stories involved with it,” Mr. Maisel expressed.

Filled Case 2

Soldiers from the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars. 

Many students eagerly await the final construction of the museum and can’t wait to see the incredible military display that Mr. Maisel will unveil.

“I think the museum will be a good way to reflect because we always have Memorial Day services and Veterans Day services. I think having it year round will remind those in our community the sacrifices others our community have made for us,” Dreiband said about the impact of the museum on BL.

Chris Maisel, Mr. Maisel’s son, will be the head curator of the museum when it opens April 26th.

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