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Lakers Explore Identity on One Love Day

On Friday, April 7, the whole upper school dedicated their annual One Laker | One Love Day to explore identity and relationships through group activities and educational comedy.

This year for One Laker | Love Day, the One Love club at BL decided to combine with the Diversity club. The goal was to have an understanding of different people and their identities in order to build stronger relationships.

There were objections to the decision to merge these two clubs for One Love Day. Some students throughout the school found a problem with the school combining these two clubs mainly because they felt the day would focus more on diversity rather than relationships and relationship violence, the focus of the One Love club.

The first event of the day was having the whole upper school gather in the Gelston Athletic Center and divide themselves into the groups they felt they best fit in. These groups included musician, educator, athlete, artist, gamer, and scholar. Then, they were forced to come to the center of the gym through questions that related to their identity.

The questions started simply then moved to more specific, personal questions such as family structure. Through these questions, each group realized what similarities they had.

“We want students to learn how to be comfortable with their identities and other people’s identities as well,” Diversity leader Kristen Tubman said before One Love Day.

“I feel like the day focused a little too much on diversity rather than relationship violence. It was One Love Day so I felt there should have been more of a focus on that rather than diversity,” sophomore Teddy Roebuck confessed.

Other students had a positive opinion on One Love Day.

“I thought it was a good experience for all to come together,” senior Jalen Milton said, who was one of the student leaders for One Love Day. “I think it was cool that the Diversity club and the One Love club merged and taught people how to strengthen relationships.”

“I had a great group,” Milton went on to say. “Mr. Dagenais kept our group on track which allowed us to learn more.”

“The whole day was entertaining,” sophomore Kevin Davis stated. “The comedians were funny and insightful. I learned a lot from them. Our group made each other talk but at the same time JP and Mr. Whitehair made it a safe space.”  

“It was a great day to be Laker,” Megan Kenney said, who is the One Love club leader. “The leaders’ hard work, dedication, and collaboration paid off. They really set the tone at the start of the day and modeled how to strengthen relationships, celebrate one another, and listen to each other’s stories.”

“I am grateful that Theodore Thomas, Rashawn Evans, Luke Shilling, and Theodore LaBonte Clark shared a piece of themselves to all of us,” Ms. Kenney went on to say.


one love pic cometry 2017

Iggy and Claudia of Cometry perform for the upper school students.



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