Major League Baseball is Back in Full Swing

The long anticipation for the 2017 MLB season can now cease as April 2nd marked Opening Day for the teams and most importantly, the fans.

The day was highlighted by three quality baseball games. The day started off with a Tampa Bay Rays win over the Yankees, 7-3, the next game was an Arizona Diamondback win over the Giants, 6-5, followed by the prime time game of the St. Louis Cardinals winning against the Chicago Cubs, 4-3 at Busch Stadium.

The Chicago Cubs were the 2016 World Series champions so they had to play an away game at the marquee time slot the following year. However, since it was an away game for the champions, the Cubs were not presented their World Series trophy. They will not be presented their trophy until April 10th at Wrigley Field.

Even though the season is only ten days in, there have been many games that have shown this will be an exciting season of baseball.

On April 3rd, the Dodgers made history by hitting a team record four homeruns in their opening day game. They ended up crushing the Padres 14-3.

On April 8th, the Phillies put up their biggest first inning amount of runs in team history with 12 against the Nationals in DC. The Phillies ended up routing the Nats, 17-3, and it marked history for Philadelphia.

On the Orioles Opening Day, they seemed to pick up where they left off last year with a walk off homerun in the 11th inning against the Blue Jays. The Orioles ended up winning 3-2.

Some Boys’ Latin baseball fans shared their views on Opening Day starting and how excited they are to see their teams.

“I am really excited about the Baltimore Orioles, but I am not that excited for anybody else,” said Teddy Roebuck, a sophomore JV baseball player. “I am kinda excited about going to see the Orioles and following them, I guess; they are really the only team I follow.”

“I am most excited about the Orioles games, going to them, that is,” exclaimed sophomore Alex Lee.

Many fans in the Baltimore area are very excited about the upcoming season for the Orioles and the unpredictability of the team. Although, MLB experts are not as optimistic for the season.

“The Orioles will finish in fifth place, dead last in the AL East. DON’T EMAIL ME. But you can’t tell me that you’re supremely confident in a rotation that currently features Wade Miley in the middle, Ubaldo Jimenez toward the back, and Mike Wright as the first line of defense in case something happens to the top of the rotation,” wrote Grant Brisbee, an MLB writer for SBNation.com.

According to a baseball simulator from Fivethirtyeight.com, “The Orioles have a 29% of making it to the playoffs and 2% chance of winning the World series,” a stat that many Orioles fans probably do not want to hear at all. The simulator does, however, have the Chicago Cubs at a 22% chance of winning the World Series again.

Other sources have a different outcome as far as the 2017 World Series winner goes.

“A Nationals-Red Sox World Series would have all the makings of a classic. The Washington and Boston lineups are characterized by star power and depth. Sounds like the kind of series destined to go the distance and be determined by lucky breaks,” wrote Zachary D. Rymer, an MLB leader writer.

Regardless of the World Series predictions, the upcoming baseball season appears quite promising. Hopefully the season remains this exciting as it actually progresses.

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