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Father Time Wins Again as Third Quarter Closes

At the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland, the 3rd quarter marking period came to a close on Friday, March 31st, and some students definitely were not ready for it to end.

Monday, April 3rd, marks the final quarter before the school year ends and students are dismissed for the exciting summer break.

That old saying, “We always have too much to do and never enough time to do it” seems to always hold true. That holds true at Boys’ Latin whenever the quarter is close to ending.

The views on the quarter coming to an end were varied.

“Wow, I better turn in my APES [Advanced Placement Environmental Science] study guides before I fail the class,” said Brian Oguike, a senior. “I’m just trying to get my APES grade up because I know it is very low,” said Oguike later on.

The senior and freshman responses did not match in their perspectives on the topic.

“I did not know the quarter ended Friday. That’s pretty crazy; oh well,” said Will Alokones, a freshman. “I got a 70 in History and was hoping to get that up but that’s  unlikely so that’s whatever,” said Alokones.

The fact that the freshman, Alokones, is less affected by the end of the marking period is unusual. It seems as though the freshmen are always the ones scrambling to turn in every assignment at the last minute.

This is as opposed to the seniors who are nonchalant and have already caught the killer illness known as “Senioritis.” The senior is in danger of failing a class and trying to be diligent. He is completely dodging the stereotype.

Most students are not at all excited to be in school longer than they have to. Therefore, knowing the end is approaching, the responses were what was to be expected.

“I will get a break from work. Senior year has been so much consistent work it is annoying. It will be good to have a break, ” said Oguike.

“I’m looking forward to the summer, not having to deal with History. I’m excited about getting new teachers and having new classes,” said Alokones.

The seniors’ last day in high school is May 12th. After that, they depart for their two-week internship. This means they have even less time on Lake Avenue and time is really of the essence for them.

“It is pretty crazy to hear our time is ending. We have gotten to the point where I am constantly looking back at the school year and reminiscing. It feels like just yesterday I was in fifth grade across the street, ” said Oguike.

“Everyone says it as a senior, and while we were in the stands as freshmen, they would tell you ‘Enjoy your time here at Lake Avenue because it goes quickly.’ After that,  I remembered thinking to myself, ‘It’s not gonna go that fast.’ It has been really crazy knowing that all this time has passed me by. It feels like literally just yesterday I was a freshman here looking for someone to be my friend. I will try to appreciate what I have left,” says JP Woodward, a senior at Boys’ Latin as well.

With all that said, “Father Time” remains undefeated in his battle against humanity.

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