BL Sports Teams Find Success on Spring Break

While many were enjoying the spring break on vacation or just spending time home with nothing to do, the spring athletes at Boys’ Latin spent their spring breaks playing and practicing to prepare for the upcoming spring sports season.

The spring teams at BL are baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and golf. While lacrosse, tennis, and golf all made their spring break trips to Florida, the baseball team made its trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The baseball team played two games and a scrimmage in Myrtle Beach. They finished with a record of 1-1 in the games and a loss in the scrimmage.

“I thought it was a successful trip although it was short. The biggest thing that came out of it was we learned what we needed to improve on and what we did well,” said JP Woodward.

The tennis team took on a different approach to their spring break trip. Instead of playing matches down in Orlando, they took the time in the good weather to train through practices and conditioning.

“We didn’t play matches, but I’ve never seen a tennis team be more focused and disciplined in the practices and in running and fitness. It was great to see. Personally, I got a lot out of the trip and tried to have a good balance of enjoying the sun and improving my game,” said senior Jimmy Magee

Along with the tennis team, the golf team also used the time to get better on their own rather than competing against other teams.

“We didn’t play any teams. We just played a lot of nice and difficult courses that really tested our skills in the preseason. The hope is that challenging ourselves early on, we could come back with a more refined skill set and mentality for the upcoming season,” said Garrett Glaeser of the golf team.

The lacrosse team played two games while in Florida. They won both games but they achieved something more important than winning.  “The team performed very well. We built better chemistry every day and pushed each other hard in our practices,” said junior goalie Chris Brandau.

Each trip was intended to improve each team over the time spent in the good weather, but the teams took advantage of free time and good weather to do activities other than sports. The baseball team in Myrtle Beach found time to play miniature golf in their free time, while tennis found themselves enjoying the Disney World parks in Orlando.

The golf team and lacrosse team found time hanging out with their own teams. Because they were in the same hotel, they found some time to hang out collectively.

While this trip for each team was comprised of students from each grade, this was the final spring break trip at BL for the seniors.

“I try not to think about that. I look at it as more of motivation as it is our last season and to do great rather than being sad about it being our last time,” said Woodward, a senior pitcher for the baseball team.

Magee stated, “It is a little surreal knowing that I won’t be going to Disney next year like I have the past four, but it made me focus on really bearing down for the home stretch of sports at my time on Lake Avenue.”

Glaeser stated, “It was definitely a surreal experience. I’ve played some phenomenal golf courses over spring break over these past few years. I’ve had the incredible honor and privilege of playing courses professionals have played. It’s been a very humbling experience every year. I’ve enjoyed spending time with the guys on the team. The week has always been very special to me.”

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