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Senior-Directed Play Turns Out To Be a Phenomenal Performance

The senior directed play “Among Friends and Clutter” at Boys’ Latin that was performed from March 6-8 was acclaimed by the Boys’ Latin community particularly for its stellar actors.

The play had several dramatic scenes of monologues as well as intriguing back and forth conversations between characters. A recurring theme in the play was friendship.

The spring play gave seniors the opportunity to come together and do something unique to the class. There were, of course, students in other grades who took part in the play.

Preparation for the play started as early as December. The actors and crew spent their time after sports practices reading their lines and memorizing their blocking. They had to learn quickly.

“Garrett Glaeser and Grant Iodice did a great job directing and acting,” senior Jimmy Magee said, who was also an actor in the play. “It was their first time directing and they worked with first time actors which was even more impressive.”

“Being quiet while the play goes is definitely one of the difficulties of working behind the scenes,” senior Jake Glatz said. “Another difficult  part was figuring out which scene you’re on because you lose track, having to set up each scene quickly.”

“You have to put everything in the exact spot while the lights are off which is even a greater challenge,” Glatz added.

How was the play in terms of the plot? A lot of people agreed that the plot itself was hard to keep track of.

“The acting was really good as well as the directing and staging,” sophomore Alex Lee said. “But, the plot of the play was hard to follow in my opinion. They jumped around a lot and changed characters without giving any clear sign which was confusing to me.”

“At first I did not understand the plot of the play. But I noticed that the flashbacks of each storyline conveyed themes that we can reflect on in our own lives. The play was awesome because it was very relatable,” senior Theodore Thomas declared.

“The plot was interesting, to say the least,” Jimmy Magee confessed. “It wasn’t linear and somewhat hard to follow but made for a good story. The actors added to a great performance,” Magee said.

“It was very observant of different social identities in that there were three homosexual characters,” senior Trey Lonte Gaither.

Despite the confusing plot, the senior play was a huge success due to the great acting. The play sold out in a matter of two days.

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