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Pick-Up Basketball Becomes Popular for Students

Free time during a normal school day is when students relax and work on their assignments. Recently, students can be found showcasing their skills on the basketball court playing pick-up games.

Ever since the start of winter sports, students began spending more time in the Gelston Athletic Center playing pick-up basketball. There are usually many kids wanting to partake in this fun activity. Games are played on both sides of the court so everyone can get a turn playing.

Pick-up basketball has been an enjoyment for many kids in their own way. “Pick-up is a release from life for me,” senior Robert Fite said.

“I love basketball, and it’s a fun way to stay in shape,” junior Basil Aburn said. The pleasure of playing is what has made this a reoccurring activity.


Sophomore Sam Grace about to shoot while playing pick-up basketball.

When students play pick-up, they have different reasons on why they keep on coming back to play. Junior Michael Ubriaco said he continues to play pick-up because “I’m always better than everyone I play against.”

Sophomore Cameron Spencer said he plays because “I enjoy competing and winning.” The different experiences that students get while playing is what motivates them to play again.

The amount of effort that is put forth into playing pick-up changes how the game is played. “It can get pretty competitive when people are into the game and there are fair teams,” senior Marquise Washington said.

“There are usually emotions flaring, elbows flying, and ankles being broken at some point during these pick-up games,” senior JP Woodward said.

“When I am not playing, the games usually seem pretty intense, as everyone is at a similar skill level. However, whenever I am on the floor, my teammates and opponents defer to me because of the level of respect that I’ve earned. Since I am all around better than everyone else, they have learned to just allow me to win due to their fear of getting embarrassed,” Ubriaco said.

The competitiveness of pick-up is not always the same, making the games interesting. They can sometimes be really competitive when everyone is giving their all, or they can be relaxed when everyone just wants to casually play basketball.

Pick-up has become a daily routine for many students. Washington said he hits the court “three times a week for about two hours a day.”

Woodward said he plays “around four times a week.” Students can’t get enough of playing basketball whenever they get the opportunity.

Playing pick-up during the school day has changed the normal school day for many students. “I end up doing my homework at home because I usually play pick-up during my free,” Spencer said.

Pick-up basketball has not only impacted students’ school days but also themselves. “It helps relieve stress, and I get to know people better who I don’t usually talk to,” junior Ethan McCann said.

Pick up has gotten me into better shape and has only impacted me in a positive way,” Fite said. Students have changed in some way or another since pick-up basketball’s debut.

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