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Math Team is the Newest Team on Campus

Ms. Mullally, head of the BL math department, recently created a math team at BL that meets once a week in room 134. The team consists of students from grades 9-12 to compete against each other by answering math problems in small teams.

“Matt Kleiser knew other schools in Maryland were competing. Also, Jimmy Magee and Parker Hopkins competed in middle school. They were all interested in starting a math team. Alex Young was also interested in starting a math team,” Mullally said.

Since several boys had expressed their interests in starting a math team, Mullally registered the team after President’s Day weekend.

“It’s a club for guys who want to work on math problems as a team and better their math skills,” Magee said.

Magee explained that he wanted to join the math team because it would be an easy way to keep his math skills sharp.

“The math team is great. We meet during lunch and Ms. Mullally gets us food. We also get to do math within a competitive environment, two of my favorite things,” Magee said.

“It’s not hard math for the most part, but it has helped my creative sense improve. It makes me think outside the box,” Magee said.

The math team is a new club that offers participants a competitive work environment and a team to work with.


One group of mathletes enjoy their pizza lunch while working together on math problems.

“It’s fun to do math with a bunch of other guys. It helps improve camaraderie with my peers,” Ethan Norman said.

The math team was assembled a few weeks ago but already has about 30 participants.

“I joined because it was a cool new club that got a lot of attention. A lot of my friends were also joining the club,” Mark Lopez said.

“It’s definitely helped me improve my math skills. Most of the math involved is stuff I learned five or six years ago, so it’s a good way to refresh that material,” Lopez explained.

If you think the math team is right for you, swing by room 134 on Tuesday, March 21. Go join the mathletes for their second Maryland Mathematics League competition!

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