BL Spotlight

BL Robotics Team Competes in Blacksburg, Va

On March 3rd, the Boys’ Latin Robotics team traveled to Blacksburg, Virginia to compete in the CHS-Southwest Virginia Event.

“The robot had to deliver gears to a peg that was in the middle of the field. That was the big thing along with climbing a rope and shooting a basketball. The hardest was probably the shooting, but it didn’t really matter because no one could do it,” said senior Robotics captain Alex Young.

“We placed 11th out of 36. I’m not super happy, but I’m ok with it. I feel like we could have done a little better if some things had happened differently,” said Young.

It’s clear the team was expecting to do better than they did, but a multitude of communication errors hindered the team in the quarter-finals.

“Our biggest downfall was a combination of unexpected changes to the field elements along with errors from our drive team,” said senior Robotics captain Josiah Bedford.

This is not the only competition the Robotics team will be participating in this season, so they have time to fix the problems they had with the robot.

“We’re definitely going to have to work more on hanging and less on climbing the walls. We also need to communicate more because that cost us a few matches,” said Young.

The team has been practicing after school for seven days a week since January 7th to finish the Robot, and they are willing to put more time into certain aspects of the robot as the season continues.

robot + noah

Senior Noah Vilceus controls the robot.

“Right now we are re-engineering our hang mechanism and our gear pickup system for a faster and more efficient way to compete which should increase our score next time,” said Bedford.

The team went to worlds two years ago and are trying to repeat that feat again.

“Going to worlds sophomore year was awesome,” said Young, “It felt amazing to have everyone’s attention at school and to have people watching the team.”

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