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Students Display Talents at BL Coffee House

Boys’ Latin hosted its annual coffee house on February 16th in the Student Commons where people inside and outside the BL community displayed their talents through stand up performances.

The coffee house took place from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. and was hosted by seniors Jalen Milton and Brian Oguike who emceed the event. There were a few guests from the Oldfields School who both watched and performed in the coffee house.

“Co-hosting the event was a different, interesting experience. The kids were lively and upbeat which made my job easier,” Jalen Milton said. “I am glad I got to do it with Brian Oguike, one of my best friends.” 

The coffee house gave access to students, teachers, and guests alike to show off their talents. There were musical performances by Carrington Scott, Evan Gaines, and Ms. Oppenheim.

As the earlier performances happened, more people became comfortable standing up and displaying their talents impromptu.

“It was slow getting into it first, but it did pick up steam later on in the night. I would definitely host the event again,” Milton admitted.

There were many performances especially from BL students in the beginning of the coffee house. “The eighth grader Jonathan Elliot’s PSA-like poem over music was super dynamic. It was great for them [younger students] to share,” English teacher Matt Lafreniere stated.  

“There is a communion amongst everyone as soon as the ice is broken. This communion creates a space where people can share emotional and creative depths,” Mr. Lafreniere added.

“The performances by all the BL students were very fun, deep, and enjoyable,” sophomore Carlos Davis said. “I really liked the fact that the guests from Oldfields were eager to perform.” 

“We have a community that celebrates all forms of artistic expression, and I believe that is the attraction of the coffee house,” Spanish teacher and diversity club leader Kristen Tubman said. “It is special to see people get excited to let their unique identities shine.”

“Brandon Bradsher and Desmond Banks’ lip sync performances were very funny and enjoyable. And of course I loved Mr. Franklin’s two daughters singing which was very cute,” Ms. Tubman said.

“The coffee house allows students as a whole to meet and connect with each other which is really great,” senior Deven Smith expressed.

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