Highly Anticipated BAC Dance Finally Comes Around

The BAC dance, an annual dance at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore for black students, finally came on February 11th from 8-11 pm which was the highlight of the month of February for many students.

Independent schools from the area were all invited to come to the event, including Boys’ Latin, Roland Park Country, Bryn Mawr, Gilman, St. Paul’s School for Girls and Boys, Calvert Hall, and Institute of Notre Dame, just to name a few. In total, there were about 25 or so independent schools invited with over 300 people combined.

The Black Alliance Club at Roland Park has hosted these dances for the last two years in an effort to group black students from independent schools in the area and to provide a night of fun.

Many students from Boys’ Latin went to the dance and had many positive reactions they wanted to share about the dance.

“The music wasn’t too bad either but I liked the female part the most,” said Matt Thomas, a sophomore at Boys’ Latin.

“[It was great to be in] an environment where the black community can come together and have a fun time together [and] listen to some good music with a good DJ during the stressful school year,” said Jaylin Andrews, a junior at Boys’ Latin.

With all of the fun and pleasure that came out of the night, there was an event that shut the dance down prematurely; a fight broke out between some students at rival schools.

“I felt that a fight was bound to happen; too many new schools invited. The atmosphere was much different from previous years with much more hostility. I could feel it as I walked in the room and when I left the door,” said Trey Lonte Gaither, a senior at Boys’ Latin and co-leader of the BAC dance.

“I felt embarrassed because we shouldn’t have been doing that,” said Thomas.
Although the night was cut short, overall the students had quite a good time.

“I would rate the dance at about an 8; they need air conditioning because the gym was hot and people got sweaty which made the whole gym funky,” said Andrews.

“I would rate the dance at like a 7; the music was actually pretty good but if we could have stayed the entire time to listen to the DJ that would have been better. He started to play much better music towards the end,” sad Gaither.

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