Boys’ Latin Squash Goes to Nationals

On Friday, February 10th, the Boys’ Latin squash team left the Gelstan Athletic Center early in the morning to go to Hartford, Connecticut for nationals. At Wesleyan University, the team competed alongside 111 other male squash teams to see who was the best.

The senior led squash team at Boy’s Latin consisted of ten seniors while the team only had twelve kids on it.

“We played… ehh,” senior squash player Cooper Nalley said. Nalley explained that even though they placed third in division five and fourth in their league, he thought they could have performed better.

After speaking with senior co-captain Griffin McShane, the logistics of the trip seemed to be pretty bad.

“We left Friday morning on a cramped, small twelve person van up to Connecticut for a seven hour drive with some stops. Then… after nationals, we left Sunday morning while some of us flew home,” McShane stated.

It seems as though the Boys’ Latin squash team did not have the experience that they hoped for, but after speaking with senior co-captain Jimmy Magee, not all of it was bad.

Magee’s father is the coach, and he has played with his father for many years. Magee’s final remark about his squash career was, “I am going to miss the memories with my teammates and dad, but it was time for squash to end. Squash made me excited for tennis.”

Overall, it seems as though the senior leaders were ready for their long, treacherous season to end.

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