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A Sad Goodbye, but a New Beginning Starts for Mr. Franklin

It was announced early last week that Mr. Charles Franklin would be leaving Boys’ Latin to take a role at Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland.

Mr. Franklin has been an advisor, teacher, Co-head of the Upper School, and Director of Academics over his past eight years at BL. He also served as coaches for the JV basketball team, JV soccer team, and the Varsity golf team. Mr. Franklin’s contributions to the community are immeasurable and he will be missed.

Mr. Brian Mitchell will transition from being the other Co-head of the Upper School to the Head of Upper School starting in the fall of 2017.

Many students were shocked by the news that BL will be losing Mr. Franklin next year.

“As a senior, I will not be here next year so I can’t really envision a BL without Mr. Franklin. I am leaving the same year as he is. I won’t really see the effects next year as younger classes will. It will most likely be a little weird to see someone different sitting in his office day to day, but it is not something I will experience, just something I can speculate on,” JP Woodward said.

“Mr. Franklin makes it a more casual and comfortable learning environment. He is easily approachable and easy to have a conversation with,” stated junior Chris Brandau.

Mr. Franklin said that conversations with Landon started to occur in late December into early January, with interviews also happening in January. They made the decision to offer him the position of Assistant Headmaster in early February.

Mr. Franklin is currently the Varsity golf head coach, and after the end of the season, that position will be vacant. Mr. Franklin hopes to continue his coaching endeavors next year. Mr. Franklin said that he would like to coach soccer and basketball at some point again.

Sophomore Sam Grace put the dynamic of such a great faculty member leaving next year perfectly. He said, “When you have someone as good as Mr. Franklin, you cannot be selfish and you need to share him with someone else. It will be a sad goodbye, but someone else is going to have the opportunity to experience Mr. Franklin in this new stage of his life.”


Mr. Franklin, Co-Head of the Upper School at Boys’ Latin.

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