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Q&A with…Seniors

Even though senior Jake Schneider is known for his football talents, he is committed to play lacrosse at Salisbury University. He plays on the BL varsity lacrosse team and his senior season just officially started on Sunday.

Q: What are you most excited about for this lacrosse season?

A: I’m excited for the Florida trip, playing new teams, and playing with new kids

Senior John Kunisch is in the One Love Club at BL and was one of the leaders for the Escalation Workshop. He helped out with other seniors to lead a discussion about relationship violence.

Q: How did the One Love Escalation Workshop go?

A: It went decently, but last years junior were more into the topic. The message still got across to the juniors this year, but they just seemed less interested.

Senior Jack Williams is always seen in the One Love Club during school hours, but you can find him at any sporting event after school. He is always cheering on his fellow Lakers, as he is the leader of the Spirit Club.

Q: How has the school spirit at sporting events been?

A: The school spirit has been subpar compared to the past years, but it has progressively gotten better over this year.

Senior Andrew Haynes is always working hard throughout the school day, but also likes to relax in his free time. A place where you can find Haynes hanging out is in the new Student Center.

Q: What are your thoughts in the new Student Center?
A: I love how it brings the whole upper school together and it is such a comfy place to hang out in?

Senior Evan Ellwanger is one of many leaders in the BL community. He never takes a moment for granted and enjoys every day he is on Lake Ave.

Q: What have you gotten the most out of this year at BL?
A: I learned what being a senior is really like and how to take responsibility under my wing.

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