New England Patriots Win Overtime Thriller in Super Bowl

On February 5th, 2017, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons faced off in Super Bowl LI to determine who was the best team that year.

Tom Brady led the way as the Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit to force overtime and ultimately win the game 34-28 to win his NFL-record, fifth Super Bowl ring.

“He’s [Brady] the greatest of all time. Period. Full stop,” according to ESPN.

Tom Brady now stands alone as the only quarterback to win five Super Bowls. Brady threw for 466 yards and had two touchdowns in the game making this game his fourth time as Super Bowl MVP.

“’If it’s possible to be humble and be the greatest of all time, he [Brady] does it,'” Patriots defensive lineman Chris Long said in an interview with ESPN. “’He’s the GOAT. He’s the king of the petting zoo. There are other GOATs and other farm animals, but he’s like the biggest GOAT. The GOAT that runs the whole petting zoo.’”

But what happened to the Falcons? They were winning the game 21-3 at halftime and 28-3 midway through the third quarter but never scored another point after that even though they were the league’s top offense throughout the season.

“There were 20 different points in the game at which the Falcons had a 99 percent chance (or better) to win. This probability topped at 99.7 percent, which left the Patriots with little-to-no-room for victory,” according to Sporting News.

It was a bitter end to a fantastic season for a city that only has one championship in any sport to its name.

“Even though it was painful, the players went through their normal routine of watching film from their last game, going over the mistakes that allowed the Patriots to rally from a 28-3 deficit in the second half,” according to Fox Sports.

“’We watched the film and kind of got over it, in a sense,’” rookie linebacker Deion Jones said in an interview with Fox Sports. “’All right, now we know what it took to get here. Now we’ve just got to do the same thing next year, get back here, and not have the same outcome.’”

The Falcons were disappointed to be so close and just miss it, but they are optimistic about next season and are not losing much talent in the offseason.

Matt Ryan, who won the league MVP, meant that another “MVP of the regular season has now not held the Lombardi Trophy up for 17 straight seasons. In that time frame, the regular season MVP has appeared in the big game eight times, losing all eight,” according to Sporting News.

Lady Gaga performed at the half time show this year. The multi-instrumentalist and very talented singer performed a multitude of her greatest hits all while swinging around on a wire and dancing on stage.


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