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Three Lakers Sign National Letters of Intent

On February 1st, 2017, Victor Dimukeje, Braden Atkinson, and Brock Sassler signed their National Letters of Intent to play Division I football. Dimukeje signed to play at Duke University, Atkinson signed to play at the University of Delaware, and Sassler signed to play at the University of Maryland. Their commitments wouldn’t be possible without the intense training and hard work that they put in every day.

Choosing a college to play football at was a big decision for these three athletes, especially because they all had several offers. “Along with previously living in Durham, North Carolina, I felt the most comfortable when I visited Duke than any other college that I visited. They have great academics, phenomenal coaches, and [positive] influences all around,” Dimukeje said.

Dimukeje had more than 40 offers to play college football, making his decision a tough one. His other top choice colleges were Virginia Tech and Notre Dame.

These three football players also couldn’t have made their decisions by themselves.


Sassler, Dimukeje, and Atkinson are all smiles after signing their letters of intent. Photo courtesy of Dimukeje’s Twitter.

“Coach Schell and my parents have helped me the most through my recruiting process. Without Coach Schell picking up the phone and sending me all my information, I don’t know where I would be today. Also, I can’t thank my parents enough for helping me and believing in me the whole way,” Atkinson said.

Atkinson was originally committed to play football at Wake Forest University but later de-committed to play at Delaware. It only took a matter of weeks before Atkinson became a Blue Hen.

With high school coming to a close, these three are excited to start a new chapter in their lives.“I’m excited about getting in the facilities, getting a great education, and having a great experience in the football program,” Sassler said.

“I’m excited about getting in the facilities, getting a great education, and having a great experience in the football program,” Sassler said. Sassler was ranked the number one long snapper in the Mid-Atlantic region and fell in love with Maryland instantly.

“Brock loves Maryland and Maryland loves Brock too. Delaware is the best place for Braden because it fits him perfectly. Victor got a win-win situation with a phenomenal and excellent football program,” Coach Schell said.

These three football stars reached their goals of playing college football because of their love for the game.

“Braden got a season-ending injury in the preseason, but he worked extremely hard to recover. He got to play one last high school game, that being the championship. Brock and Victor are always working out to improve their game as well,” sophomore Noah Queen said.

“They are all great teammates who truly care about each other. They are always working hard in the off season, preparing themselves for the actual season waiting ahead,” junior JP Barbeau said.

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