Lacrosse isn’t Glatz’s Only Interest

Jake Glatz is known around Boys’ Latin as an amazing lacrosse player who will continue his lacrosse career at Penn State in the spring of 2017. Even though many see Jake Glatz the lacrosse player, who is Jake Glatz the student from BL?

Glatz started at BL in his freshman year of high school coming from Southern Middle School in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania, and the transition proved to be rather difficult. “I didn’t know anybody going into BL. Going into my freshman and sophomore years, it was pretty nerve-racking, but now in my senior year, I feel more comfortable in my own skin,” Glatz said.


Glatz delivering his senior speech this past September. Picture from BL Smug.

With not a lot of free time on his hands, Jake takes what little time he has to relax and take a breather from a long day. “I mostly workout right now, since the season is beginning in a couple of weeks. I love video games, though. I really enjoy playing video games,” Glatz stated.

Glatz still lives in Pennsylvania and is regarded as a hard, dedicated worker by his college counselor Andrew Robinson. “He never wastes his time when he is at BL. I see, with what little time he spends at home, he doesn’t waste a minute goofing off or not doing his work,” Mr. Robinson said about Glatz.

Very few know about who Jake Glatz is as a student, but many know him as one of the best lacrosse players at the school. This is something Jake has really tried to step away from and show others that he’s not just this lacrosse player, but a hard-working, smart individual who really tries to give back what the BL community has given him.

“I’ve really tried to branch myself out this year by joining different clubs. The math club is one I’m really looking forward to as it is just starting up,” Glatz gexpressed.

“Jake really tries to push himself to be the person he wants to be, and I see it with the classes he has taken and especially with the classes he is taking this year,” Mr. Robinson stated.

On and off the field, Glatz has really made a strong impression on the community up to his second semester of his senior year. He made Honor Roll in the first quarter and bumped up to Dean’s List for his second quarter. Glatz will look to continue his progress in the second semester and will share that progress when lacrosse starts up in the spring.

His personality spreads like wildfire across the campus and has certainly made an impact on many faculty and students.

Coach Farrell is going into his second year in coaching Glatz, and he admires his hard work on the field and especially off. “He’s fun-loving and compassionate. He’s one of those kids who can get along with anybody, whether that be teachers or his peers. I think he really enjoys coming to school and being a Laker every day,” said Coach Farrell.

What Glatz really hopes for everyone at BL to know is that he just isn’t a lacrosse player but a dedicated student of Boys’ Latin.

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