BL Hosts 2nd Annual One Love Yoga Night

Boys’ Latin hosted its 2nd annual One Love yoga night on February 2, 2017; the event raises money for the One Love Foundation and helps spread the Foundation’s message on relationship violence.

“We started yoga night last year in the fall,” Mrs. Kenney said, the leader of BL’s One Love Club. “We hope that we can continue this event again next year,” she added.

Yoga night is a great opportunity to strengthen the One Love Club at BL. The event also enhances the relationship between BL’s One Love Club and the One Love Foundation.

“[Learning about] Relationship violence is about healthy living,” Kenney said. Leading a healthy lifestyle is one way people can help prevent relationship violence. “Promoting healthy living through yoga is just another way we can educate people about ways to prevent relationship violence,” Kenney added.


Matt Brandau poses during yoga. Photo courtesy of Megan Kenney.

The group participated in a form of yoga called loving kindness meditation. “Loving-kindness meditation (sometimes called “metta” meditation) is a great way to cultivate our propensity for kindness. It involves mentally sending goodwill, kindness, and warmth towards others by silently repeating a series of mantras,” according to a write-up by The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley on Berkeley.edu.

One Love Club student leaders Luke Shilling, Garrett Voigt, and Nate King all took part in the preparation for yoga night. “We collected money, put up posters, and publicized the event,” King said. The club used Facebook and Instagram posts along with a monthly meeting at Roland Park Country School with other local schools to promote the event.

The event was well attended. BL students, faculty, and parents, along with participants from McDonough, Roland Park Country School, Bryn Mawr, and Notre Dame Prep helped raise $280 for the One Love Foundation. Sharon Love, the founder of the One Love Foundation, was also in attendance.

Many students reacted positively to yoga night. “I enjoyed yoga night,” Chris Brandau said. “The first time I tried yoga was at last year’s yoga night. Yoga is relaxing and it’s a fun event to take part in with my classmates,” Brandau added.

Olwen Modell, a parent of a BL alum, led the yoga event. Modell is a yoga instructor at Yoga Works. She explained each exercise to the group as they attempted to follow along.

Several helpers walked around the gym, offering pointers to the group. Another instructor accompanied Modell in the front, demonstrating each exercise for the group.

Yoga night is a great way to bring people in the BL community together to support a great cause. After experiencing so much success during the first yoga nights, the One Love Club hopes to continue hosting a yoga night next year.


Yoga night participants pose for a group photo. Photo Courtesy of Megan Kenney

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