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BL Alumnus Returns to Speak to Black Diversity Club Members

Boys’ Latin graduate and data analyst Todd E. Bowens returned to the BL campus on February 3rd to offer advice to African American diversity club members on their future academic and athletic careers and racial issues.

Mr. Bowens came back to BL welcomed by diversity club members eager to listen to his experience at BL and as a data analyst. Mr. Bowens is not only a BL alumnus but also a B.E.S.T alumnus who, according to Kristen Tubman, was recommended to come into the school.  

Mr. Bowens graduated in the class of 1997 at BL and the fact that he was an alumnus was also a big factor for students. The centers for his talks were “Lessons from 20 years post graduation” and “How to Succeed as an African American student at BL and beyond.”



Upperclassmen Jalen Milton, Justice Brown, and Trey-Lonte Gaither (L-R) listen as Bowens gives advice.


“I think that it is important to have alumni voices, connections, and visits specifically from cultural awareness,” said Kristen Tubman, BL Spanish teacher and diversity club leader.  “I think Mr. Bowens is influential because he offers relevant perspective while challenging change.”

“He also faced lots of challenges and was still able to be successful. He is an excellent role model and provides a guide to success.”

“The most influential part of having Mr. Bowens come in was him putting up the words ‘pivot’ and ‘rebound’  on the board,” senior Trey-Lonte Gaither said who has been a member and leader of the diversity club for a long time. “The key word he put up is pivot.”

“Through that word, he influenced me to change the little things in order to get back on track. When you are down, you have to pick yourself up and pivot, change the way you operate to improve your life. It is the small things that you change that can make a big difference,” Gaither said.

“Nothing is really different for me,” senior Theodore Thomas stated. “What he said was, for the most part, a reiteration of what I heard. But it was interesting because he put it in a different perspective than what I’m used to.”

“Also, the fact that he attended BL affected me in a positive way because he was easier to relate to as compared to some random person from another school.”

Mr. Bowens’ speech seemed pretty typical to the students who attended. He offered advice to the students on how to adapt in a predominantly white school. “Mr. Bowens taught me to trust each other and to keep in contact with all my friends in order to grow and be successful in the future,” junior Carrington Scott said.

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