Shots Fired in Fort Lauderdale Airport

On January 6th, 2017, Esteban Santiago opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. After his flight, he went to the bathroom to privately get his gun out of his suitcase and load it. He then went to baggage claim, took his gun out of his waistband, and started shooting.

At baggage claim, all people want to do is grab their luggage after a long and boring flight. At the Fort Lauderdale Airport, however, people got a scary experience along with their belongings.

People began to panic and fend for their lives. “Santiago confessed to planning the assault that killed five people and left several others wounded,” reporters Steve Almasy and Eliott C. McLaughlin of CNN explained. This tragic event left people not only dead or wounded, but also scared.


Police are investigating the crime scene at baggage claim in the Fort Lauderdale Airport (NBC News).

This shooting in the airport has affected many people and has changed their opinions of flying. “It was crazy and so unexpected that someone would shoot up the airport,” senior John Kunisch said.

“I’m going to have to be more cautious while flying now, especially to the Fort Lauderdale Airport,” senior Eli Frank said. This shooting is going to make people be more aware of their surroundings and alert.

“It hasn’t changed my view on flying, but the next time I’m at a baggage claim, I’m definitely going to think about this shooting,” sophomore Willie Wright said.

Even people in the Boys’ Latin community can personally relate to this attack because they regularly fly into that airport. “I was just at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, and I could’ve been involved if I was there a couple days later,” junior Will O’Dell said.

This tragedy is seen through a different perspective for some people because of their presence at the crime scene. “I’ve been at the baggage claim where it happened, so I can picture what the setting was like. It is just weird to think about that it could’ve happened to me,” Frank said.

People are also angry because of Santiago’s actions. “I believe that he should stay in jail and possibly face the death penalty,” Kunisch said. He needs to face the consequences for taking the lives of innocent people for no reason.

“Santiago is being held without bond on a murder charge,” reporters Steve Almasy and Ray Sanchez of CNN explained. Along with Santiago being in jail, he was also put on the No-Fly List. The No-Fly List is when the government prohibits someone from ever flying on an airplane again.

“Santiago returned from Iraq a changed man, his aunt told CNN. ‘His mind was not right,’ Maria Ruiz Rivera said. ‘He seemed normal at times, but other times he seemed lost. He changed,’” Almasy and McLaughlin explained.

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