Golden Globes Kicks Off 2017 Awards Season

January 8th, 2017, actors, actresses, and directors from all genres of movies and tv shows gathered at the Beverly Hilton for the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

The many awards given to the tremendous movies and tv shows really made this Golden Globes especially iconic. Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award made huge headlines regarding the then President-elect Donald Trump and the inauguration this past Friday.

Movies like “La La Land” and tv shows like “Atlanta” received media-wide attention for the number of awards they won and the speeches made afterward.


La La Land Cast Members and Crew courtesy of http://i2.wp.com/thenet.ng

According to the Golden Globes website for winners and nominees, all together “La La Land” won 7 Golden Globe Awards including Best Motion Picture, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song in a Motion Picture. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone also took home Best Actor and Actress in a Motion Picture in a Musical/Comedy. Director of “La La Land” Damien Chazelle won Best Director and Best Screenplay.

On the Golden Globes website, Donald Glover was recognized as Best Actor in a Television Series in a Musical or Comedy. His show “Atlanta” also won Best Television Series Musical or Comedy. The rapper turned actor made a great acceptance speech and touched the heart of the crowd thanking his family and son in his speech.

According to US Weekly, Glover talked about how his family had impacted his life in a way that his previous life with his father couldn’t. “‘I really want to say thank you to my son and the mother of my son for making me believe in people again and things being possible,’” Glover stated.


Donald Glover with both of his Golden Globes courtesy of https://static.independent.co.uk

Glover went on to talk about his father and the tribulations he faced. His speech was emotional and heartwarming as the crowd gave him a gracious applause for his speech and all of the hard work he has accomplished.

Actors like Casey Affleck and Viola Davis also made headlines at the Globes winning awards for their respective movies. Affleck won Best Performance in a Motion Picture in a Drama for his movie “Manchester by the Sea”. Viola Davis won Best Supporting Actress in any Motion Picture for her work in Denzel Washington’s movie “Fences”.

Television shows also made some surprises at the Awards Ceremony. The British TV show “The Crown” would trump powerhouse “Game of Thrones” and even the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” to win Best Television Series in a Drama. Claire Foy, star of “The Crown”, won Best Actress in a Drama Television Series.

The highlight of the night was Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award for her many contributions to the film industry. Streep starred in the comedy movie “Florence Foster Jenkins”, which was also nominated for Best Motion Picture in a Musical or Comedy.


Meryl Streep giving her acceptance speech courtesy of http://static6.businessinsider.com

In her speech, Streep talked about freedom of the press and referred to Trump’s mocking of a reporter with a disability. According to the Golden Globes Website article, Streep stated that the press will need help to get past this. “They will need us, and we certainly need them,” Streep expressed in her speech stated in the Golden Globes article.

Streep paid homage to her long-time friend Carrie Fisher, who passed away of a heart attack just before the New Year. Streep referred to Fisher as “Princess Leia” and quoted her at the end of her speech stating, “‘Take your broken heart and make it into art.’”

Featured Image: http://www.criticalhit.net/images/2017/01/golden-globe-awards.jpg


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