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End of Year Launch Projects Approaching at Boys’ Latin

The launch classes include Expression, Compassion, Innovation, Courage, and Leadership. Each student in the launch classes, which the seniors were the first to be exposed to, are required to present a final project to display what they’ve learned over the course of the class. Each presentation is unique to the individual student or pair that is working together.

The students were informed about this project at the end of their junior year. They officially began working on the project at the start of their senior year.

“I’m at stage zero. In fact, I might have to start over,” senior Gideon Endalkachew stated. “As part of my Compassion project, I want to redesign my neighborhood park,” he said.

“I’m creating fidget toys for kids for my project,” Ryan Trupia, a student in the Innovation track said. “I am still designing my project. I am using the 3D printer.”

It’s clear that each project will have something unique to each launch class. “The goal for our class is to give something that truly represents personal expression,” English teacher Mr. Freihoefer said. “The sheet that tells us the next step hasn’t come yet.”

“I want to see students get out of their comfort zone and be creative,” technology and Innovation teacher Derrick Thomas said.

As part of giving students inspirations for their projects, the faculty invited speakers to BL to give their anecdotes of their lives, occupations, and experiences. The speakers had an effect on some students.

Courage teacher Charles Franklin invited his brother-in-law Brendan Hurson to speak to all launch students except Innovation. Mr. Franklin’s brother gave insight to students about his work as a public attorney and how he came to discover his passion. “I appreciated his desire to help people over getting money,” senior Nick Meittinis said, who is a part of the Expression launch class.

Though many people are at different stages in their projects, they all agree that they do have enough time to create something. “Two semesters is plenty of time,” Gideon Endalkachew said.

“I don’t think I’ve learned much from this project other than the hardest thing is getting started,” senior Graham Easton said in a somewhat joking tone.

It seems that everyone is at very different points in their projects and only time will tell how the presentations turn out.

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