Chelsea FC Soars to Top of Premier League, Looking Unbeatable

Chelsea FC has reached the top of the Barclay’s Premier League due to their productive team playing and coaching.

Antonio Conte became the new first team head coach for Chelsea for the 2016-17 season. Conte had a large effect on the team. Conte’s coaching led to a remarkable record for Chelsea.

“Conte has figured out how to build the team chemistry. His passion and desire of soccer reflect on how well Chelsea is doing this season,” Stephen Roche, a Boys’ Latin learning specialist said who is very much interested in soccer. “He has found a way to position the players to perform best on the field.”

“Costa is also a passionate guy,” Mr. Roche added. “Kanté in the midfield has been huge as well as Luiz. The team had the pieces to be successful. I think Conte has put those pieces together well.”

Diego Costa, a forward for Chelsea, was hampered by injuries for much of the previous season and was on the verge of leaving Chelsea and came close to returning to Atletico Madrid mainly for family reasons. However, Costa has praised Conte for the strong impact that he has made on the team and how that impact has made him a better player.

“The truth is the manager is good with the players, every time making more jokes with the players,” Costa said in an interview for the Chelsea website. “That’s good for us, to have a manager who is not just a boss, but like a person we can talk with, someone whose support we can count on in difficult moments.”

Conte has applied a 3-4-3 formation for the team that has worked very well for the team. The midfielders, such as N’golo Conte who can easily play it to Diego Costa, is a killer combination. Eden Hazard, also a midfielder who can move quickly and skillfully with the ball, has also been a great help for the team.

Chelsea attempted to make history with a 14th successive victory before their 2-0 loss against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday according to an article written by BBC sports. However, they still remain in the top position in the title race.

Despite the recent loss to Tottenham, Chelsea still has a very successful season. So what makes a team like Chelsea so successful?

It seems that the formation and chemistry of the team were what was holding Chelsea back especially since they did not start seeing consecutive victories until late September. Also, the remarkable leadership of Conte has led to a great season for the team and hopefully for them can lead to a title in the Premier League.

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