Ready or Not, Exams are Approaching at Boys’ Latin

This is the time of year when Boys’ Latin students are forced to buckle down and get serious about their studies as “exam season” is rapidly approaching.

The countdown until these exams has already begun. Exams this year begin on December 13th and end on the 19th with a makeup day on the 20th.

Every year after the happiness that comes with Thanksgiving break, students must do a complete 180-degree turn for the midterm exams. After the break, only a couple of weeks pass then the first exam is scheduled to be taken.

Exams are only for upper school students. Therefore, for the freshmen, this is their first time they have to take any type of midterm.

“I like midterms because the exam isn’t on the entire year; it’s only on half of the year. I couldn’t really remember everything from the beginning of the year in middle school,” said Dale Roe, Boys’ Latin freshman.

The rise in stress over these next couple weeks rises exponentially. The amount of kids seeing their teachers for help and running around the school for help is always crazy. This season gets the students more anxious than usual.

The exam life for freshmen and seniors is always a little bit different. Seniors are forced to take midterm exams while the final exams are not there for them to worry about since they complete a two-week internship. Therefore, seniors have different feelings about exams.

“I don’t like exams and feel as though they are a waste of time. I think it is bologna that teachers throw it at us and expect us to remember everything from the beginning of the year,” said Nate King, a Boys’ Latin senior.

Stress levels are expected to be much higher for the freshmen versus the seniors. With this being the seniors’ last midterm in high school they should be worry-free.

That, however, is not the case at all. “I don’t find my classes that hard, so I am not that stressed,” a shocking quote from Roe.

This is the best and worst time of year. After the exams, students rejoice for the winter break.


Featured image courtesy of : https://www.umass.edu/disability/

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