Maggio Named All ACC Honorable Mention

Dom Maggio, Boys’ Latin class of 2016, had a lot of success on the football at BL and is continuing to succeed at Wake Forest. His latest accomplishment is being named All ACC Honorable Mention as a freshman.

Maggio is the punter for Wake Forest, and he is really making a name for himself. Even though he is only a freshman starting for this highly skilled football program, he can still stand out from the rest of the players. “Maggio is sixth in the ACC in punting average at 42.6 and is second in the nation in punting average among freshmen,” Wake Forest Athletic Communications stated.


Maggio punting the ball in the rain (courtesy of Maggio’s Twitter feed).

Maggio’s high level of performance is always present, living up to the standards of the amazing football player that he is. “I am not surprised at all that Dom is named All ACC Honorable Mention because he has always been so good,” Coach Schell said.

“Being a punter is one of the hardest positions on the field, but it isn’t when you have a coachable and hard-working kid like Dom,” his father, Kirk Maggio, said.

Maggio is so successful at football because of the hard work that he puts into the game everyday. “His father is a very good kicker and coach, helping him progress as an all around player. Dom works his tail off and is one of the best athletes I’ve seen around BL,” Schell said.

Another success that Maggio achieved this season was punting an 80-yard punt. His huge punt went down in Wake Forest football history as the third longest punt ever. “I was at the game when it happened, and it felt like the ball was in the air for forever,” senior Braden Atkinson said.

Maggio never seems to disappoint anyone with his punting abilities because of his attitude he brings towards the game. He always does his job and is trying to get better each day. “He is a talented student-athlete that works hard and is enjoyable to be around,” senior Victor Dimukeje said.

He also manages to make great plays out of any situation. For example, on his second punt of the season, the ball was snapped high and he was forced to catch the ball one-handed, managing to still get the punt off. “These are the times when Dom is able to show his skills and athleticism in a way that he usually doesn’t,” K. Maggio said.

As good of a player that Maggio is, he only got better once starting at Wake Forest. He worked hard to become better and the results truly show by his performance on the field. “He got bigger, stronger, and faster, making him even better than he was during his high school days,” Atkinson said.

His more consistent training and playing also allowed him to progress as a player. “The harder he works, the more consistent he gets, and the more confidence he has,” K. Maggio said.


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