Holiday Concert a Huge, Entertaining Success

The Boys’ Latin chorus and band entertained guests with music at the Iglehart Gym last Thursday as part of the annual festive holiday celebrations.

Every year around early December, the chorus, band/jazz ensemble, and advanced hand chimes classes gather to perform select songs to celebrate the holiday time. Many guests from BL and outside come to take part in the musical entertainment. The chorus and band consist of a lot of members, many of them seniors.

“Sophomore year was different for me performing in the concert,” senior Zach Grace said, reminiscing on his performances in the band. “There was a different instructor so playing now is kind of new, but I love it because you get to showcase things that not many people usually see and everybody gets to hear.”

The concert included several winter holiday themed songs aimed to get people in the holiday spirit. “The song ‘It’s a Hanukkah Song (in a Major Key)’ is truly a silly song but at the same time it is a fun song for the audience,” music teacher Kathy Anderson said, who played the role in preparing the chorus to sing for the concert.

The chorus started the concert with three songs. The tenor I, tenor II, and bass/bass baritone groups each contributed unique roles to making the songs sound harmonious.

The crowd seemed to really enjoy the performances by the chorus, band, advanced hand chimes, and jazz ensemble.

“I think what influences people to come out to these concerts is that there is a lot of talent, from the chorus all the way to the hand chimes,” senior Theodore Thomas said, who has been an active member of chorus since his years in middle school.

As mentioned, this was the seniors last time participating in the holiday concert before they graduate. Several of them made up a large percentage of the chorus and the band.

At the end of the concert, humorous and touching words of gratitude were given to Ms. Anderson by seniors as well as flowers for her hard work and commitment.

“Knowing that there are a lot of seniors in chorus that won’t be here next year brought a tear to my eye,” sophomore Carlos Davis said. “I’m going to miss them and it’s going to be really hard to maintain the chorus with such a heavy loss.”

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