Holiday Concert a Huge, Entertaining Success

The Boys’ Latin chorus and band entertained guests with music at the Iglehart Gym last Thursday as part of the annual festive holiday celebrations.

Every year around early December, the chorus, band/jazz ensemble, and advanced hand chimes classes gather to perform select songs to celebrate the holiday time. Many guests from BL and outside come to take part in the musical entertainment. The chorus and band consist of a lot of members, many of them seniors.

“Sophomore year was different for me performing in the concert,” senior Zach Grace said, reminiscing on his performances in the band. “There was a different instructor so playing now is kind of new, but I love it because you get to showcase things that not many people usually see and everybody gets to hear.”

The concert included several winter holiday themed songs aimed to get people in the holiday spirit. “The song ‘It’s a Hanukkah Song (in a Major Key)’ is truly a silly song but at the same time it is a fun song for the audience,” music teacher Kathy Anderson said, who played the role in preparing the chorus to sing for the concert.

The chorus started the concert with three songs. The tenor I, tenor II, and bass/bass baritone groups each contributed unique roles to making the songs sound harmonious.

The crowd seemed to really enjoy the performances by the chorus, band, advanced hand chimes, and jazz ensemble.

“I think what influences people to come out to these concerts is that there is a lot of talent, from the chorus all the way to the hand chimes,” senior Theodore Thomas said, who has been an active member of chorus since his years in middle school.

As mentioned, this was the seniors last time participating in the holiday concert before they graduate. Several of them made up a large percentage of the chorus and the band.

At the end of the concert, humorous and touching words of gratitude were given to Ms. Anderson by seniors as well as flowers for her hard work and commitment.

“Knowing that there are a lot of seniors in chorus that won’t be here next year brought a tear to my eye,” sophomore Carlos Davis said. “I’m going to miss them and it’s going to be really hard to maintain the chorus with such a heavy loss.”

Attack at Ohio State Leaves 11 Hospitalized

On Monday, November 28, Abdul Razak Ali Artan jumped a curb at the Ohio State campus driving into a group of students standing on the sidewalk. Artan got out of his car and proceeded to stab anyone he saw nearby before he was shot dead by Ohio State Police Officer Alan Hurojko.

According to CNN, Artan’s attack lasted all for two minutes before it was cut short by Officer Hurojko. The attack left 11 students hospitalized and also raised questions about the purpose of the attack


Abdul Razak Ali Artan. Photo courtesy of

The immediate reaction from the public was that this was a solo terror attack. FBI investigators are still looking into that angle, and police are looking towards Artan’s recent Facebook posts as evidence to see if he was “self-radicalized.” According to Fox News, the posts made by Artan urged America to stop interfering with foreign countries, such as the Muslim Ummah and expressed that they are not weak.

One of Artan’s Facebook posts also stated: “Every single Muslim who disapproves of my actions is a sleeper cell, waiting for a signal. I am warning you Oh America!”

Artan was Somali-born and had just transferred to Ohio State this past year. He was interviewed by the school newspaper about the diversity at Ohio State University. According to the newspaper, Atran expressed that he was genuinely afraid of showing his Muslim culture in public.

So far, this is only some of the evidence that police and investigators are looking into for the motive of this attack.

The day after the attack, Fox News showed that ISIS posted on their social media page that Artan was a “soldier of the Islamic State.” However, local Ohio News 10tv stated that FBI investigators will look into Artan’s electronic devices for evidence that the attack was inspired by Anwar al-Awlaki propaganda journals rather than the ISIS claim. The reason behind it is because ISIS will take credit for pretty much anything they can based on attacks from Muslims in other countries.

With news and people who saw the attack, many are jumping to conclusions as to the purpose of the attack.

However, OSU President Dr. Michael V. Drake made a statement letting people know that the purpose of the attack is still a mystery and that there is no link to a specific community yet.

According to CNN, Drake stated, “We all know when things like this happen that there’s a tendency sometimes for people to put people together and create other kinds of theories. We don’t know anything that would link this to any community. We certainly don’t have any evidence that would say that’s the case.”

The White House has even taken action to make a statement to the American people urging them to not jump ahead of themselves and not assume this was a terror attack before all of the evidence is identified.

According to the Washington Times, White House Press Secretary John Earnest expressed the feelings everyone in the White House has about the attack.

“Our response as a country to this situation matters. If we respond to this situation by casting aspersions on millions of people that adhere to a particular religion, or if we increase our suspicion of people who practice a particular religion, we’re more likely to contribute to acts of violence than we are to prevent them.”

With such a vicious attack that took place on the Ohio State campus, local police and national news make sure to express that everything is still out in the open and nothing has been finalized.

Ready or Not, Exams are Approaching at Boys’ Latin

This is the time of year when Boys’ Latin students are forced to buckle down and get serious about their studies as “exam season” is rapidly approaching.

The countdown until these exams has already begun. Exams this year begin on December 13th and end on the 19th with a makeup day on the 20th.

Every year after the happiness that comes with Thanksgiving break, students must do a complete 180-degree turn for the midterm exams. After the break, only a couple of weeks pass then the first exam is scheduled to be taken.

Exams are only for upper school students. Therefore, for the freshmen, this is their first time they have to take any type of midterm.

“I like midterms because the exam isn’t on the entire year; it’s only on half of the year. I couldn’t really remember everything from the beginning of the year in middle school,” said Dale Roe, Boys’ Latin freshman.

The rise in stress over these next couple weeks rises exponentially. The amount of kids seeing their teachers for help and running around the school for help is always crazy. This season gets the students more anxious than usual.

The exam life for freshmen and seniors is always a little bit different. Seniors are forced to take midterm exams while the final exams are not there for them to worry about since they complete a two-week internship. Therefore, seniors have different feelings about exams.

“I don’t like exams and feel as though they are a waste of time. I think it is bologna that teachers throw it at us and expect us to remember everything from the beginning of the year,” said Nate King, a Boys’ Latin senior.

Stress levels are expected to be much higher for the freshmen versus the seniors. With this being the seniors’ last midterm in high school they should be worry-free.

That, however, is not the case at all. “I don’t find my classes that hard, so I am not that stressed,” a shocking quote from Roe.

This is the best and worst time of year. After the exams, students rejoice for the winter break.


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BL Seniors get First Acceptance Letters

It’s about that time of year. The days are shorter, midterms are coming up, the always frightening senioritis is starting to kick in. By December 1st, some of the students who applied early decision are getting into colleges and universities.

There are about 15 seniors who have received acceptance letters. According to the College Counseling office at BL, about 10 of these students are committed athletes.

“It was nice to know that it was official even though I already thought I was getting in. I don’t have to worry about that stuff any more,” commented Michael Peters. Peters was the first senior to get his acceptance letter back, and he will be attending Randolph-Macon College next fall.

An acceptance into a University or College can relax seniors and makes them feel like their hard work was worth something. Some people decide to take it easy

after their acceptance, but others keep going so they can keep up with what they need to do in college.   

“I’m still going to work hard no matter what. I really like school and I want to learn as much as I can so I can be ready,” said Parker Hopkins. Hopkins will be attending Wake Forest in the fall and is very excited to go.    

However, some committed athletes still feel the weight from the stress of the application.

“I got accepted on November 30th. It felt really good even though I already knew where I was going. I wanted to know about the scholarship money. It took a huge weight off my shoulders to figure

out about that. I also am glad I’m done with applications for the rest of the year,” said Garret Voigt.

Voigt will be attending Ohio Wesleyan University next fall, and he will be playing lacrosse there. Voigt was committed for lacrosse, but that did not take away the stress he had from the application, nor the relief he got when he was accepted.

“They [seniors] will probably be done [applications] around April 1st, but most will be done a little before then. Not many will be done before the break, probably less than a third,” said Mrs. Badmington, one of the college counselors a BL.   

While most of the seniors wait patiently for their applications to be accepted, or don’t even know where they are applying to yet, it is good to know that at least some of the seniors are finished and ready to help their brothers through the college process.    

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Duke Basketball Stumbling Over Injuries but Still as Good as Ever

After winning the NCAA National Championship in 2015, and making it to the Sweet 16 in 2016, Duke came into the 2016-2017 season spearheading all of the NCAA as the front runner to become national champions yet again.

Head Coach Mike Kryzewski heads in to the season with “One of the best recruiting classes in school history,” according to CBS Sports.

In the preseason rankings, Duke basketball was ranked at number one. This was above every college basketball team in the nation. This ranking however was based on a full, healthy Duke basketball team.

The problem is, Duke has three freshmen sidelined with injuries with two of them being in the top ten incoming freshmen in the nation, Harry Giles and Jayson Tatum.

The Blue Devils have started the season with an 8-1 record with the only loss suffered to number four Kansas by only two points. With the loss to Kansas, Duke has dropped to a ranking of number five.

This season is shaping up to be one of the best Duke seasons in more than a decade if everybody becomes healthy.

“’We know how good we are – we’re still improving, and we know when we incorporate these guys back in, we’re going to be that much better, but right now we’re very confident with what we have. We’re not playing a waiting game where we’re waiting for those guys to get back. We’re going full speed and approaching every game that way, and I think the group that we have has done a great job fighting with a shorter bench, just being tough and really playing a lot of minutes,’” said Duke junior guard Gayson Allen, summing up Duke’s situation in an interview.

Injuries are not only holding back the freshmen. Junior guard Grayson Allen is also suffering from a smaller injury that is preventing him from practicing to be at 100 percent during the game.

“’Grayson does not practice one second, so when he’s out on that court, it’s a gutty performance…That kid has played unbelievably, and he’s limping,’” said Coach K in a article.

Duke thus far has been an exciting team to watch. With the addition of the three freshmen who are currently injured and the full recovery of Grayson Allen, this team will jump back to the number one spot they earned in the preseason.


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Maggio Named All ACC Honorable Mention

Dom Maggio, Boys’ Latin class of 2016, had a lot of success on the football at BL and is continuing to succeed at Wake Forest. His latest accomplishment is being named All ACC Honorable Mention as a freshman.

Maggio is the punter for Wake Forest, and he is really making a name for himself. Even though he is only a freshman starting for this highly skilled football program, he can still stand out from the rest of the players. “Maggio is sixth in the ACC in punting average at 42.6 and is second in the nation in punting average among freshmen,” Wake Forest Athletic Communications stated.


Maggio punting the ball in the rain (courtesy of Maggio’s Twitter feed).

Maggio’s high level of performance is always present, living up to the standards of the amazing football player that he is. “I am not surprised at all that Dom is named All ACC Honorable Mention because he has always been so good,” Coach Schell said.

“Being a punter is one of the hardest positions on the field, but it isn’t when you have a coachable and hard-working kid like Dom,” his father, Kirk Maggio, said.

Maggio is so successful at football because of the hard work that he puts into the game everyday. “His father is a very good kicker and coach, helping him progress as an all around player. Dom works his tail off and is one of the best athletes I’ve seen around BL,” Schell said.

Another success that Maggio achieved this season was punting an 80-yard punt. His huge punt went down in Wake Forest football history as the third longest punt ever. “I was at the game when it happened, and it felt like the ball was in the air for forever,” senior Braden Atkinson said.

Maggio never seems to disappoint anyone with his punting abilities because of his attitude he brings towards the game. He always does his job and is trying to get better each day. “He is a talented student-athlete that works hard and is enjoyable to be around,” senior Victor Dimukeje said.

He also manages to make great plays out of any situation. For example, on his second punt of the season, the ball was snapped high and he was forced to catch the ball one-handed, managing to still get the punt off. “These are the times when Dom is able to show his skills and athleticism in a way that he usually doesn’t,” K. Maggio said.

As good of a player that Maggio is, he only got better once starting at Wake Forest. He worked hard to become better and the results truly show by his performance on the field. “He got bigger, stronger, and faster, making him even better than he was during his high school days,” Atkinson said.

His more consistent training and playing also allowed him to progress as a player. “The harder he works, the more consistent he gets, and the more confidence he has,” K. Maggio said.


Fidel Castro Dies, Reactions Mixed

When the news broke of Fidel Castro’s death, there were many reactions. Many people in Cuba flooded to memorials to pay their finals respects, while others in the United States were jubilant.


“Fidel Castro delivering a speech during the commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Committees of the Revolutions,” courtesy of

Fidel Castro was the leader of Cuba from 1961 until 2011. Castro is guilty of committing many atrocious crimes against his people, some of which include murder. However, many people who live in Cuba were sad about his death, even though many lived through his reign.


F. Castro’s brother Raul Castro announced the death on national Cuban television on November 25th. R. Castro announced that his brother’s death would be honored with nine days of morning, beginning the next morning at 6:00 a.m., according to an article written by Laura Wagner and Emma Bowman on

News of Castro’s death resulted in multiple reactions from many different people. Popular social media apps like Snapchat featured snaps from Little Havana in Florida of people in the streets cheering and parading. News coverage of Cuban residents showed a much different reaction.

Multiple news outlets captured the emotions of saddened Cubans as they gathered at memorials to pay their final respects. Multiple memorials were set up for Cubans to gather and pay their respects according to Patrick Oppmann, Madison Park, and Laura Smith-Spark in an article on

The difference in reactions between the people of Cuba and Cubans living in the U.S. were very puzzling.

In the days following Castro’s death, many tweets and statements surfaced in the U.S. regarding the ex-communist’s death.

“Tyrant + thug #FidelCastro is dead. We must work for a #Cuba that is free, democratic, and prosperous,” tweeted Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a congresswoman in Florida, cited by Laura Wagner and Emma Bowman in an article on

“’The dictator has died, but the dictatorship has not. And one thing is clear, history will not absolve Fidel Castro; it will remember him as an evil, murderous dictator who inflicted misery and suffering on his own people,’” Marco Rubio, a senator from Florida, said in a statement cited by Laura Wagner and Emma Bowman in an article on

“’Fidel Castro’s death cannot bring back his thousands of victims, nor can it bring comfort to their families. Today we remember them and honor the brave souls who fought the lonely fight against the brutal Communist dictatorship he imposed on Cuba,’” Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas, said in a statement cited by Laura Wagner and Emma Bowman in an article on

The statements provided by these lawmakers was a clear representation of how different the reactions have been by people living in the U.S. as opposed to people living in Cuba. During Castro’s rule, many people left Cuba in order to escape his rule.