Seniors Relay Opinions on College Process

The time when college applications are due is a time when you feel you have almost no time at all. It is a time when the stress levels increase and the organization decreases. For me, it is a time when I juggle homework and applications to the point of my detriment.

At this point of my senior year, I have only applied to one college and am on the verge of beginning applying (regularly) to the others. Still, I feel the stress of the college process, increasing my SAT score, writing my essays, filling out the Common Application, and asking teachers for recommendations while still trying to deal with school work. An excessive amount of work does tend to make me concentrate less in some areas.

For me, college applications have sometimes brought that attribute out for me. I am conflicted between the constant homework and expectations to fill out college applications and meet deadlines. It has made me become better at managing my time.

For some seniors, they are in a more enjoyable place. “I feel comfortable about my applications at this point. I feel like I have everything managed since I have a plan,” senior Alec Blume said.


Senior Alec Blume sits in the quiet room with a cup of coffee as he works diligently on his college applications.

“The applications themselves take a lot of time, but when you’re through with those, you’re basically done,” he later went on to say.

This is something that I’ve heard throughout the senior class and college counseling team at BL. It worries me that other students are as comfortable as they are while I still have some work to do with my applications.

“The most stressful part of the college process is the uncertainty of where you want to go. What also makes it stressful is whether or not the college you want to go to will accept you,” senior Theodore Thomas mentioned.

This is a shared feeling in my opinion. I feel like nearly every senior at some point worries whether or not the college he applied to will accept him.

Since there are a lot of people who are in different places in their college process, it draws the question if there should be required checkpoints for the college application process.

“I think that there should be required checkpoints so that people won’t fall behind. But I think it depends on the person,” Thomas said. “But for those who are on top of their work, I don’t think that they will need the checkpoints.”

“We do not need a required checkpoint,” Jalen Milton agrees. “A lot of people are procrastinators and they’ll be left with colleges that are not the kid’s first choices.”

“I do not think we need a required checkpoint.  It’s kind of our responsibility,” Blume disagrees.

In my opinion, I agree with Alec Blume in the fact that we as seniors should learn how to manage our time and take responsibility for our own work. There are of course college counselors and teachers who can help us along with the process.

Overall, I feel as though the college process, despite the stressful labe it is given, is going well right now for BL students.

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