Mannequin Challenge Becomes Newest Trend

Many social media trends sweep the nation, and the mannequin challenge is the newest one. People love watching all the different challenges because of their uniqueness and entertaining qualities.

The mannequin challenge is when a group of people stand still, posing. The different poses and facial expressions show a wide variety of emotion, making no mannequin challenge the same. “Some popular poses are dabbing, flexing, or acting like you are on your phone,” senior Evan Ellwanger said.

Music also enhances the challenge. Most of the time, the song that is playing in the background is “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. “The song makes the video more intense and it gives the mannequin challenge an identity,” senior Nate King said.

The song fits the challenge well because it has a fast tempo to it that hypes the video up. The mannequin challenge gets even more hyped when the group of people start dancing when the beat drops. Dancing when the beat drops usually only happens when there is a big group of people.

Most of the time, viewers will see the participants start dancing when the beat drops at a concert. Rae Sremmurd did a mannequin challenge at one of his concerts with the crowd. When the beat dropped, the whole audience went crazy and started dancing.

The poses are another aspect that makes the mannequin challenge so appealing. The poses that the individuals do show some attributes about themselves and can allow them to be seen in a different way than usual. “It is fun to watch mannequin challenges with your friends in them,” senior Gideon Endalkachew said.

The BL varsity football team did a mannequin challenge one day after practice. The Boys’ Latin community got to see a mannequin challenge, below. Video courtesy of junior Devon Brewer.

In the BL varsity football team’s mannequin challenge, everyone did a different pose from one another. For example, senior Victor Dimukeje was flexing, junior Jack Morton was acting like he was throwing a football, and senior Desmond Banks was doing the free Kodak sign.

The mannequin challenge is so popular because anyone can do it. There are no certain skills that are needed to partake in this challenge, so it makes it enjoyable for everyone. “Anyone can do the mannequin challenge, and it is fun to see all these different people make them,” King said.

Even though anyone can do the mannequin challenge, it is mostly done by the younger generation. Most of the videos include children, teenagers, and middle-aged adults.

Along with anyone being able to do this challenge, it can also be done in any location. There is no specific place where this challenge needs to be done, making the options of the setting endless. “The mannequin challenge can be done anywhere, but you need to have a good amount of people to make it good,” senior Cooper Nalley said.

People are getting creative as to where they do their mannequin challenges. The settings range from classrooms, locker rooms, gyms, concerts, pools, sporting events, etc. The settings have varied more since this challenge became more popular.

Along with friends doing the mannequin challenge, sports teams doing them are fun to watch as well. “I enjoy watching sports teams do mannequin challenges, especially our football team, because they are funny and cool to see the athletes’ approach to this challenge,” senior Evan Gaines said.

Sports teams have been partaking in this challenge recently. For example, football teams at Penn State and Clemson and in Baltimore and Pittsburgh team have all made a mannequin challenge.

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