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Volleyball Team’s Chemistry Stays Strong Through End of Season

On Monday, October 31, the Boys’ Latin volleyball team went out to take on the number three seed Mount Saint Joe Gaels in their first playoff matchup. Unfortunately, the BL squad suffered a heartbreaking loss that led to the end of their season.

“We didn’t really start off too well considering our bus got there thirty-five minutes late,” senior Jake Alokones stated.

With their bus arriving later than they thought, the Lakers had a very limited amount of time to prepare for the game. This gave the Gaels a slight advantage with a very extended amount of warm-up time. These unfortunate events didn’t impact the team’s harmony, however.

The leaders of the team really made it a mission to restore the team chemistry before their season came to a close. Captains Jimmy Magee, Griffin McShane, and Jake Alokones thought the best way to bring their team together was to eat lunch on game days. This provided more opportunities for the team to bond and build their relationships.

“Being on the team showed me that I can really form bonds with new people, like Conor Stevens, a sophomore who I never really expected to form such a strong bond with,” Ryan Stellmann said.

Stellmann didn’t really know if he wanted to play volleyball this season, but with the help of Griffin McShane, he decided to go out for the team his senior season. Stellmann was pleased that he did, considering all of the new friendships he’s made, along with the ones he strengthened with current friends.

The focus and leadership really drove the team this year, with the team’s three captains, and everyone pushed themselves to their limits.

“The guys on the team have been incredible. They’ve pushed me, I’ve pushed them, and it’s been like having a bunch of brothers on the team,” Jimmy Magee said.

Chris Bates came to BL not knowing what to expect. He quickly found a home with the volleyball team.

“The seniors were leaders, and they made it more fun for me. They made me feel like I knew people on the first day of school,” Bates expressed.

Even though it was a tough loss, the seniors will never forget the impact the team has left on them or the impact they’ve left on the team. The future really seems bright as new players will look to move up next year.

“I see a really good program. We have some up-and-comers from the JV team, and it’s really cool to see the amount of talent coming up. We’re looking really good for future years, and I’m excited to see what this program will really become,” Magee stated.

With many seniors on the team leaving and going to college, young guns Chris Bates and Kenny Lewis will look to lead the Lakers to another successful season next year.

Feature Image courtesy of BL Smugmug.

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