Vine is Cancelled, Internet Still in Awe

Vine, the social media app mostly surrounded around video making, is going to be discontinued due to lack of users which is leaving social users around the world in complete awe.


The launch of video on Instagram in 2013 halted Vine’s growth. On top of that, Vine added features at a sloth’s pace which only created a big gap between it and other social media apps. Then, with Twitter’s inability to put funds into the app, it made it hard to make new features in the first place.

It is believed that Twitter recently tried to sell the rights to Vine to other owners. Yet, their asking price was never met and they had to go to rash ideas. The combination of all this led up to October 27th.

On October 27th, the dreadful news was released. “Twitter is shutting down its Vine social video sharing service: The company will discontinue the Vine mobile app in the coming months, it announced in a blog post Thursday. The Vine website will stay up and running, but without the app, there will obviously be no new Vine content, ” the Vine account posted to its mobile users.

Immediately after Vine’s  message to their users, people all around the world started to react. “LMAO, all these interview requests I’m getting cause Vine is dead. I will only speak with the best. @TheEllenShow #RIPVine,” a tweet from the famous comedian once on Vine named King Bach.

“Never forget where you came from (heart emoji) @vine thank you for the years,” another tweet by Lele Pons, a comedian who got her start from Vine.

Vine helped to launch careers for many comedians and gave the world a lot of memorable quotes that are still remembered today. Vine gave the world names ranging from King Bach to Melvin Gregg all the way to Welven. The app also gave the public every funny meme from “Sharkeisha No!” to “#GotEem.”

The discontinuation of the app did not only affect celebrities but the regular users were also saddened.

“I was really upset when I heard vine was over because now I can’t post my #EatUpBoi videos. Now I need ideas of where to put them,” said Theo Thomas, a Boys’ Latin senior and lover of Vine videos. “I might just make a channel on YouTube for them like the Meyers twins, and it will be more lit and get more views,” said Thomas.

To others, the app’s cancellation was not a big surprise. “It didn’t really affect me. I usually just get on Twitter. It’s funny because we (as a people) watch Vines on Twitter,” said sophomore Noah Queen. “I mean, I had Vine when it first came out and then deleted it, then never downloaded it again. King Bach was one of my favorite comedians on Vine but I haven’t had in since like 2014 or 15,” said Queen.

This is similar to the mindset that many other once devout Vine users had but unfortunately later left the app blowing in the wind. Nevertheless, Vine will be dearly missed by most. Social media will now need to find a new app to replace the legacy Vine leaves behind.

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