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“Twelve Angry Men” a Successful Show

At Boys’ Latin, the plays are always an overlooked success. The “Twelve Angry Men” production shined in front of a sold-out crowd each night and was enjoyed by the audience.

“Twelve Angry Men” is about a jury trying to figure out the verdict of a case where a son killed his father. The jury was initially eleven to one in favor of the son being guilty but later came to a conclusion that he was innocent. The swing in thought came mostly from Jury Member 8, who was the only member to say he was innocent at first.

Senior Nick Meittinis directed this play and he did a phenomenal job with putting the play together. Not only did he use his acting skills behind the scenes, but he also played the role as Jury Member 3. “I only had six days to learn a whole role because I was initially just directing, but I think my performance was strong for the amount of time I had,” Meittinis said.

“Twelve Angry Men” was Luke Shilling’s first production that he acted in, and he crushed his part as Jury Member 8. “I was sold on doing the play because I wanted to do it with my little brother Ely,” Luke Shilling said.

This production was performed so well because of the amount of time put into it. There were countless rehearsals during and after school, giving the cast members plenty of time to learn their roles. “I was at school from seven in the morning until seven at night for the six weeks that we rehearsed,” Luke Shilling stated.

The long days and many hours of practicing paid off, though. Sophomore Ely Shilling talked about how they were successful because “The cast members listened to Nick and followed directions really well.”

Also, Luke Shilling stated, “Everyone would support each other and help out when someone would forget his line.”

The atmosphere of the play was just another outstanding aspect that made the production great. The audience was quiet and locked in on the stage, causing no distractions for the performers. Also, the lighting was executed nicely, giving a good spotlight on the stage and helping the transition in scenes go smoothly.

The sound was excellent, especially the faint city background noise, giving the feel as if audience members were in the city. The props were minimal but effective, such as the big windows, the real switchblades, and the actual water dispenser. The wardrobes were spot on, and they complemented the cast members’ roles perfectly.

Senior Sam Weinick expressed that “The ending was the best part of the play because the decision was finally made that the boy was innocent.”

“It was cool to see our peers in a different way than usual and the actors who you don’t usually see on a stage,” senior Gideon Endalkachew said.


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