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Night, Day Matches Yield Different Results for Varsity Soccer

The Boys’ Latin varsity soccer team played St. Paul’s on Friday night, October 14, and then Severn the following Saturday morning—both games, given their short time difference, produced two very different outcomes.

Several BL students and parents as well as St. Paul’s students and parents came out to cheer on their teams under the lights Friday.

On the following day, the BL varsity soccer team played Severn. This game occurred nearly 11 hours later in the early morning after BL had beaten St. Paul’s in a 3-2 victory going into overtime. Boys’ Latin lost to Severn 7-0.

What was it about the Severn game that caused such a different score? Many players from the team pointed to the fact that the short difference in time between the games and the indifference in playing were the main reasons the team lost so severely.

“We could not have tried as hard against St. Paul’s and put everything into the Severn game, but the St. Paul’s game was more important to us and everyone was exhausted from the St. Paul’s game we had the previous night,” senior defensive player Zach Grace said.

“We could always do better in games but we were just tired from the night before and not all the players were at the game,” senior goalie Jordan Douglas mentioned.

The St. Paul’s game was very heated from start to finish. Both sides played extremely hard, and the rivalry factor contributed to the morale of both teams.

“The turnout was amazing because there was both a lot of people and energy in the crowd,” senior Brandon Bradsher said who was at the St. Paul’s game. “Everybody was screaming, and the game-winning goal scored by Garrett Glaesar got everybody excited. It was the highest amount of excitement that I’ve ever experienced from a Boys’ Latin game.”

It was clear that the atmosphere of the two games as well as the time in between affected the playing style of BL in many ways. Grace and Douglas both stated that the goals were one of the high points of the Friday night game.

“The rivalry of the St. Paul’s game made us go in feeling more confident and energetic about playing,” said Douglas. “The atmosphere under the lights, and also the fact that families and a lot of students from our school were there, made us play better. St. Paul’s wasn’t a good team going into it so there was a chance of winning.”

“The loud crowd was a high point of the game. It was the biggest student section for a soccer game that we’ve ever had. Also, it was fun to see the St. Paul’s’ student section break their fence,” Grace said with humor as he revisited the game.

It seevarsity-soccer-bl-v-st-pauls-jack-goddin-picms as though the main contributing factor of the Saturday morning loss was the tiredness of the whole team compared to how energized they were on Friday night.

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