NBA Season Starts off Hot

The NBA season has started and is in full throttle as the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder are the only two undefeated teams, whereas the heavily favored Golden State Warriors started the season off with a big loss. Some things remain constant though as teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers have yet to win a game.

The biggest story of the NBA’s opening weeks is the play of Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has averaged 37.8 points per game, 10.5 rebounds per game, and 10 assists per game according to ESPN.

“Also, OKC might trade for a new big man who might take stress from Westbrook,” said Boys’ Latin Fresh-Soph basketball coach Mr. Bailey.

Unfortunately for the Thunder, if Westbrook does not keep this up, they can kiss their season goodbye. In their game against the Clippers, Westbrook was the only person to score ten or more points, scoring 35.

The Golden State Warriors are proving to basketball fans that they are not the team everyone thought they were. If a fan was asked about the Warriors after the team signed Kevin Durant, he would have said they might not lose a game. Well they did, and it was their first game.

The Warriors lost their first game 129 to 100, proving they can score points, however, they can’t defend without a big man on the inside. Another reason for their struggles is the underperformance of one of their superstars.

“Raise your hand if you were expecting Klay Thompson to start the season 3-28 from behind the line…You can tell he’s clearly letting it impact him; his defense has been the worst of his career so far this season,” according to barstool sports.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, defending champions of the NBA, have started the season very well, being one of only two undefeated teams. The Cavs are led by superstar Lebron James who has consistently been one of the most dominant forces in the game since 2003.“He is the best player in the game,” commented senior Trey Burrell, “strictly because if he wants to win there isn’t much anyone can do to stop him; He’s an animal.”

“He is the best player in the game,” commented senior Trey Burrell, “strictly because if he wants to win, there isn’t much anyone can do to stop him; he’s an animal.”



Lebron James cocks back his arm to unleash a monster slam.

The Finals has been dominated by the Cavs and the Warriors since 2015 with early polls seeing these two as the favorites to make it to the championship again.


“Their players are the reason they are able to keep this up. Lebron can make any team a contender, and the Warriors have the second and third-best players in the league. The Spurs will also be a contender because their coach is a legend,” said Burrell.

While teams like the Cavs and the Warriors are basking in the success of recent years, teams like the Philadelphia 76ers are stuck at the bottom of the league currently sitting without a win.

“When you can’t diversify the talent by enforcing a stricter salary cap, it is hard to make sure every team has a shot. It ends up being the team that spends the most money wins and that isn’t how it should be,” Mr. Bailey said.

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