BL Students Gather for Scary, Exciting Activities on Halloween

A sense of excitement and exhilaration swept the Boys’ Latin Upper School as they assembled for celebrations for Halloween.

October 31 has always been an exciting and some might say scary day for the entire BL community. Halloween, a day of ghosts and trick or treating, has taken on a new tradition at BL. Students dress up in their unique costumes, some more favorable and unique than others.

Towards the end of the day, high schoolers gather at the Gelston Athletic Center (GAC) to participate in several Halloween themed activities.


BL Students line up to show off their costumes. From left to right: Carrington Scott, Brian Oguike, Jason Chappell, Brandon Bradsher, and Brent Powers.

The Halloween assembly took place last Monday which some would think would affect the moods of the students, but there was no recognizable sign of a huge Monday slump. Nearly everybody was very excited and enthusiastic as the whole GAC lit up with sounds of screams and laughter.

Activities for the Halloween assembly included dizzy bat, pumpkin carving, basketball layup contests, chubby bunny, and face painting.“The activity that I liked the best was dizzy bat”, said junior Rashawn Evans. “It’s more interactive and more fun to watch.

“The activity that I liked the best was dizzy bat,” said junior Rashawn Evans. “It’s more interactive and more fun to watch. But it’d always be nice to add new activities to the assemblies but I feel like that would take more class meetings to set up. But I think the number of activities is good as they are.”

Claire Ricci, the librarian in the Upper School who helped to set up the assembly, gave her two cents on the Halloween activities. “I’m inclined to steer clear of chubby bunny,” said Ms. Ricci with a humorous distaste in her voice. “But I do like to see the boys be creative with pumpkin carving and face painting.”

She went on to mention how she enjoyed the atmosphere and the excitement of the BL students in the GAC.

“What I liked best was the maroon and white teams cheering. It’s nice to see school spirit even when it’s amongst us,” Ms. Ricci added. “Particularly, seniors have three Halloween assemblies under their belt and are ready to enjoy the limelight a little bit, and that’s why they love the senior volleyball match and costume competition so much.”

Recently there have been many reports on social media of “clown attacks”– people dressing up as clowns and sneaking up on other people to scare them or attack them. As a result of this, Upper School co-heads Charles Franklin and Brian Mitchell took the precaution to admonish all BL students from dressing up as clowns this year. But has the fear been overblown, and should students have been able to wear clown costumes?

Mr. Franklin does agree that the fear has been overblown. “Most schools have banned clown outfits. I think it is often overblown but it is better to be safe than sorry.”

Overall, despite the absence of creepy clowns, Halloween Day at BL was a complete success.

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