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Senior Voigt has Unknown Enthusiasm for Drawing

Proficient athlete Garrett Voigt has an unknown talent that one might not know about. He very much enjoys drawing.

Yes, most know Garrett Voigt, a senior at Boys’ Latin, as an athlete and an avid student. His work in and outside of the classroom has very much impressed his teachers and coaches. Garrett has many interests and hobbies such as his participation in cross country, lacrosse, and his job at a crab house.


But a little-known fact about Garrett is his enjoyment of drawing. Boys’ Latin learning specialist Mr. Roche knows Garrett’s quiet demeanor and isn’t surprised because Garrett is so introspective.

Garrett states that he has an interest in drawing particularly when he is bored and or stressed.

Mr. Roche believes that it is more of an outlet than anything else—a “coping mechanism” in his own words.

The question arose was if Boys’ Latin should push an emphasis on art(s) rather than just academics and athletes, and the answers received were that artistic expression could boost excellence throughout the school.

Garrett’s love of drawing is a strong connection to his character in the classroom and on the field.

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