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Very Busy Man Purnell Still Finds Time to Play Overwatch

purnell-inkwellMatt Purnell’s day consists of multiple AP classes, baseball, cross country, and other extracurricular activities such as playing guitar for the jazz ensemble at The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland. Even with all this work and his busy schedule, he manages to get all his work done to open some free time to do his favorite hobby, which is to play the very fun game Overwatch.

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in March of 2016, Overwatch is an intense action-packed, first-person shooter. However, this isn’t a typical first person shooter like Call of Duty; this is a cartoon modified version rated teen rather than the mature rating of other first-person shooters.

The game contains 24 characters in all, each equipped with its own unique abilities. The game is the first in the series and also the last.

This game can be played on many consoles like the Xbox One or Playstation4; however, it is considered to be best played on PC by Purnell. It has a $30 price point, a relatively cheap game compared to $60 for games of leading consoles.

Purnell, a fan of many different types of games ranging from Madden and MLB to Pokémon and Super Smash Brothers, considers that Overwatch has surpassed those titles and is now at the forefront of his gaming library taking most of his free time.

Although he plays this game almost exclusively, for now, he said that “Right now, it is my favorite game. There could easily come a better game that could spark my interest more, but for now, it is Overwatch.”

Purnell has been an avid fan of the game ever since he played the Beta version before the official release. He spends many Friday nights with his dog in his room on his gaming PC, playing with his five friends, Josiah Bedford, Noah Vilceus, Brett Friedman, Harry Purdue, and Chris Yan. Harry Purdue is the man who introduced Purnell to the game which started Purnell’s small scale addiction.

“Overwatch is a great game, but what I enjoy even most is playing the game with my five friends,” said Purnell.

“I really enjoy the game, and playing with Matt and the guys makes it way better. Matt is pretty good, but not as good as Harry, but we all enjoy playing with each other,” said Noah Vilceus, one of Matt’s closest friends who also plays Overwatch.

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