Peters’ Play Time Does Not Dictate Dedication

BL’s bench was comprised with some of the most hard-working and important players on the lacrosse team. Michael Peters was one of those dedicated and energetic bench players who positively impacted the team.

img_8883-pngFor Boys’ Latin, the bench helped the team improve on and off the field. “Everyone was treated equally and no one was considered a bench player, but a BL lacrosse player,” Coach Farrell described. The players who did not get as much play time helped cheer on the starting players, partake in organized celebrations, and work hard at practice.

“The players who did not see the field as much were considered as, or if not, more important than the starting players,” Farrell said.

“If practicing hard and challenging my teammates is what will make them better, then that is what I will do,” Michael Peters stated. Out of everyone who spent most of his time on the sidelines, Peters was the best teammate a player and coach could ask for.

“We could have used one hundred Michael Peters on the team because he was the type of player who worked hard every day and did not care if he got recognition for his effort,” Farrell explained.

Peters came to practice every day and did his role to his highest ability because he knew that was what would make the team better.  “He was the smallest guy on the field, but had the biggest heart,” Greg Ey said.

“I worked hard to show that I cared for the team, despite my lack of playing time,” Peters said.

Peters embraced his role on the team and enjoyed being with his fellow teammates. “Michael celebrated with his teammates after every good play and he was a key factor for keeping the energy up,” Ethan Norman stated. His energy, along with all the other players on the sideline, kept the team motivated and caused them to have a positive attitude.

“The change in energy of the game was important, and it usually favored us in our direction. Their motivation kept us going, and we would keep our heads up no matter what the situation was because of it,” Ey also explained.

Michael’s motivation not only affected the team on the field but also off the field. From being on the team, Peters, along with everyone else, developed unbreakable bonds that many people do not have. “I love each of my teammates like they’re my brothers,” Peters explained.

“I have been a part of many great lacrosse programs, but I had never been a part of a team with player chemistry like BL’s. At the end of the day, it was not about the wins and loses, but about each other and the love of the game,” Farrell stated.

“It was a brotherhood and everyone truly cared about each other,” Norman said.

Despite Peters’ playing time, he was still able to make many memories and relationships on the team. “The memories that I have made on the team will always stick with me,” Peters expressed.

Peters was a dedicated player who sincerely loves his teammates and the game of lacrosse. His hard work paid off because he has recently verbally committed to play lacrosse at Randolph-Macon.

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