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Oguike’s Singing Noticed by All at BL

Brian Oguike, an avid leader in the Boys’ Latin community, has had a knack for stealing the hearts and catching the eyes and ears of all listeners during chorus concerts.


Brian Oguike

The school’s chorus has had all-school performances many times followed by standing ovations, but one voice always stands out more than the rest. This voice belongs to senior Brian Oguike. Oguike has been a member of the school’s chorus since sixth grade and has not looked back.

The chorus is quite a popular extracurricular among the students at BL, even in the upper school. Yet in the sixth-grade, chorus is a mandatory requirement of the students. “If I had the choice, the chorus with Ms. Anderson would not have been my first choice, but it’s not all bad and I think it can be kinda cool,” says Oguike.

Oguike’s singing voice is not just noticed by the audience but other chorus members as well. “Brian has a soothing alto voice!” said Trey Burrell, a chorus member since sixth grade and has stuck with it through his senior year just as Oguike has.

Theo Thomas, a best friend and another member of the chorus for the past six years, commented, “Brian has the comforting voice that from his build you wouldn’t expect but kinda surprises you.”

Oguike is an African American male standing about 6’3” and around 130 pounds with a very thin stature. A big misconception about those that are really tall and have a more shy personality is that that will exactly be how they are in everyday activities those including singing. The only difference is when Oguike sings, he completely contradicts that statement.

The Oguike family is far from the Brady Bunch and not the typical household; Oguike is one of four children, with him being the youngest of them all. “It’s like I don’t have any peace when I am home with my family constantly around me; I feel like my family’s only purpose is to annoy me,” he said. “Music kind of keeps me sane when I have to deal with them!” said Oguike.

Oguike’s favorite genre of music is hip hop but is a real lover of 80s and 90s rappers such as Tupac and Snoop Dogg. “Rap music is one of the reasons I have stuck with the chorus so long; music is one of my pastimes I guess.”

Oguike is a dedicated student inside and outside of this school, proven through his dedication with his passion for music and participating in the chorus.

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