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Jalen Milton: Character Leader

Jalen Milton says he’s always seen himself as a witty and chill individual, but over the course of his four years at BL, other students and faculty have seen him grow into a leader who isn’t afraid to voice his opinion and cares for what everyone has to say.

Milton started at BL his freshman year in 2013, and he was searching for a place to be himself and make a contribution to his community. The Diversity Club proved to be the best fit to express his thoughts and opinions on serious issues that affect national communities. Milton knew he wanted to bring his own unique style to the Diversity Club with his one-and-only sense of humor and also the ability to return to a serious state of mind to stay on track.

Ms. Kristen Tubman, the faculty representative for the Boys’ Latin Diversity Club, saw this from Milton and learned from him how to view situations from a different point of view. “I’ve learned that we don’t always need to take things seriously, that sometimes we can see the humorous side of things,” Ms. Tubman said, “but that we have to know when to make that switch.”

Students also noticed Milton’s impact in the club and have learned when to take a break to have some fun.

“He’s always there, he always has something witty to say and something that always throws us off guard because we don’t always think in that direction…he always has a nice time, and makes sure everyone else is having a nice time,” said Trey-Lonte Gaither, a major contributor and leader of the Diversity Club.

Milton may seem like the quiet guy in school, but he is never afraid to show who he truly is. He leaves an enjoyable and everlasting atmosphere with every serious conversation within the Diversity Club. His energy allows everyone to loosen up and be themselves while also addressing serious issues when there needs to be a conversation among the club.

This energy and character have certainly rubbed off on some of the other student members part of the club.

“He’s probably the nicest kid I’ve met here at BL. He’s such a respectable guy, and I never hear him talk bad about anyone. He always respects your opinion and will share his opinion with you without being scared. So he’s a pretty comfortable guy to be around,” stated by Matt Luterman, another key member of the Diversity Club.

Milton’s ability to bring a comfortable atmosphere shows that he doesn’t mind the awkward conversations that some people may not consider having.


Senior Jalen Milton at the podium giving his announcement

The sense of comfortability also plays a big part in being a leader. Milton isn’t afraid to be himself around other people, and that’s always a trait looked for in leaders. Gaither and Luterman both see Milton as a leader by example and someone for everyone to model themselves after.

“He brings a lot of leadership roles to facilitate his own group and loves to be involved as much as he can. He’s shown that with his work that he’s preparing for the University of Baltimore Leadership Conference,” Gaither explained.

“He gives a good example, and he’s quiet until his opinion is needed and doesn’t hold it back,” said Ms. Tubman.

Milton has certainly left his mark on the Diversity Club as a leader no one expected. His quiet but informative personality puts in him in the exclusive category of talks least, says most. 

Milton says he can’t wait to showcase himself at the Leadership Conference on November 12th where he will be presenting his “Break the Silence, Speak Up” workshop. Jalen also looks to continue to work with the Diversity Club/Organizations to whichever college he goes to in the upcoming year.

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