Dallas Cowboys Pose Threat in NFL

The Dallas Cowboys have played well in their first six games and are taking the NFL by storm. Most of their success has come from quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott.


QB Dak Prescott handing off the ball to RB Ezekiel Elliott (

The Cowboys have had their recent success because of these two rookies. “’The dynamic duo has already become one of the best first-year tandems in NFL history, finding their jerseys in the Hall of Fame after just five weeks,’” reporter Cameron DaSilva of Fox Sports said.

Dak Prescott got his time to shine because Tony Romo suffered a fractured bone in his back. “Dak should remain the starter even when Romo comes back,” sophomore Willie Wright said.

Staff writer David Moore of Sports Day commented, “’Prescott strikes all the right notes.’”

Prescott has done a great job so far, especially because of his low amount of turnovers. He has only thrown one interception, which is impressive for a rookie quarterback. “Their offense has been executing very well and it is partially because of Prescott’s lower amount of turnovers,” freshman Harrison Spilker said.

Also, Ezekiel Elliott took the role as the starting running back, and he rightfully deserves it. He is one of the top running backs in the NFL this year and he continues to get better every game. “Zeke has been a beast and no one can stop him,” Spilker expressed.

Both Prescott and Elliott have had so much success too because of their outstanding offensive line. The O-line has allowed Prescott to stay in the pocket longer and created holes for Elliott to run through.

Senior J.P. Woodward talked about how “the offensive line is insane and has helped with the Cowboys’ success.”

Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott’s performance on the field also makes them great fantasy football players. Elliott is ranked one of the top three running backs this year for fantasy football, causing him to be drafted in the first round in most leagues.

Junior J.P. Barbeau described Elliott as “a fantasy monster” because of his high level performance that he brings every game.

Dak Prescott has been doing pretty well, too. Prescott is ranked the tenth best quarterback for fantasy football and he averages 16.7 points a game.

The Dallas Cowboys are stronger than usual this year because of their powerhouse offense. Their offensive line helps Prescott and Elliott do their jobs to their full potential. Also, they help prevent turnovers to be made because of their great protection of their quarterback and running back.

Prescott and Elliott are the main reasons that the Cowboys have won five of their six games so far this year. With their amazing talents, these two players might become the faces of the Dallas Cowboys.

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