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Cool, Calm, Collected: Douglas Sinks his Shot

Emotions on the golf course affect both seasoned pros and amateurs alike; however, Jordan Douglas has developed a way to keep himself positive by managing his emotions on the course.

Emotions play a key role in golf and have some effects on everyone’s game. On the other hand, if one is able to develop a strategy to keep himself cool, calm, and collected, he can grip it, rip it, and let it fly.

Douglas, a senior on the golf team, has crafted a way to keep himself relaxed on the course so that he can execute his shots. “I like to stay loose on the course; I try not to spend time thinking about what my score is or what shot I’m going to  hit until I step up to the ball,” Douglas said.

Willie Wright, a fellow teammate, explained how Douglas is very talkative on the course: “I think it keeps his mind off the next stroke until he’s ready to hit the ball.” He added that when Douglas is nervous on the course, he becomes quiet and does not talk to anyone.

After playing several times with Douglas, Wright developed a method to help Douglas when his nerves got the best of him. When he went quiet, Wright knew he was nervous and tried to strike up a conversation to get Douglas’s mind off the shot.

Offering Douglas help by suggesting which club to use and how to strike the ball helped to reassure him before he took his shots.

Drew Nicholas was also able to give insight into Douglas’s actions on the course. Nicholas explained that when Douglas is not hitting his drives smoothly, he worries about not being in the right position to hit the next shot. “He takes a lot of deep breaths before he walks up to the tee, he takes his time on the tee to line his shot up, and he tries to slow everything down and focus on hitting the ball.”

An issue Douglas’s teammates commonly see is that he will get hung up on a bad shot and it will affect the way he plays from that point on.


Jordan Douglas preparing for a shot last spring

Douglas has picked up many strategies from his teammates, which have been very beneficial to him. By telling him, “Focus on the next shot, bad shots happen,” Nicholas believes he has helped Douglas because it does not allow him to dwell on his previous mistake.

Douglas is fortunate enough to have competitive and helpful teammates, like Wright and Nicholas, who help him play the best he can by helping him stay calm and play his game. This has helped Douglas develop ways to stay calm on the course.

“My teammates have helped me a lot on the course. They help me stay calm and it shows because my scores improved throughout the season,” Douglas stated.


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