Controversial Comments of Trump Create BL Conversation

Republican Party representative Donald Trump was recorded on video with Billy Bush sharing his vulgar comments involving potential sexual assault acts with women he pursues.

On October 7th, a video was leaked of Donald Trump and Daily Show host Billy Bush on a Verizon Wireless bus. This video apparently is from outside of Jay Leno’s studios in 2005.

In this video, Trump and Bush exchange comments about what they do when they see women. These comments are very explicit. These comments are some that many would probably think can never come from such a respected man as Donald Trump.

“I did try and **** her. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything, grab them by the *****! You can do anything,” said Donald Trump in the video recording, according to Paige Lavender of the Huffington Post.

Later in an interview with Trump’s wife on CNN with Anderson Cooper, Melania Trump attempted to give her best reasoning behind her husband’s disgusting comments. During her interview, she told Cooper that the women who had accused Trump of groping them were lying and that he’d been “egged on to say dirty and bad stuff” by ex-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, according to

At Boys’ Latin, the students pride themselves in being an all boy’s school with respect and honor for all. Especially with the One Laker One Club at the school, comments such as these can’t be allowed by anyone. This is not tolerated from men at Boys’ Latin and especially people who are supposed to run our country.

Mrs. Kenney is the leading teacher at Boys’ Latin of the One Laker One Love Club and a huge advocate for respectful relationships. “This is very frustrating to hear and exactly what we are standing against. This was quite a disservice to not only women but also men; there are a lot of good men out there. I believe the majority of men don’t talk or behave that way. I know there are a lot of men doing great things and not chalking it up to locker room talk,” Kenney said.

Garrett Voigt is a senior at Boys’ Latin and leader in the One Laker One Love Club whose comments were quite similar to those of Mrs. Kenney.

“This is a great example of what young men are looking up to, and a bad example of someone who may copy his behavior. We see a guy who sounds like he doesn’t respect women and no problem disrespecting them. Young men are really influenced by him these days,” said Voigt in an interview.

Trump’s comments are a good example of what Boys’ Latin is strongly against. The community is definitely against the degradation of women and assaulting of both genders.

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