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Championship Starter Reveals Secret to Success


Zach gets ready to throw a pitch against Glenelg Country School

BL ace Zach Grace recalls how superstitions
have helped him during big games like the championship, a no-hitter, and his first varsity start.

Grace has many superstitions. His favorite superstition is “probably not sharing my sunflower seeds because everyone gets mad that they can’t have any.”

Grace’s brother, the varsity designated hitter Sam Grace, said, “The weirdest one [supersition] is probably wearing the same orange compression shorts for every game he starts.”

“The pool of spit he has that he doesn’t let people go near is pretty nasty, especially when someone steps in it. He gets angry when that happens,” said varsity catcher Matt Purnell.


The Lakers storm the field after winning the Championship

During the championship game at Ripken Field last year, Grace’s superstitions were revved up to 100 percent. When coming off the field, one could see Grace wearing his sweatshirt and jacket on when he wasn’t pitching even though it was easily at least ninety-five degrees out. Grace said, “I always wear my jacket, sweatshirt, and long sleeve shirt. Even when it’s hot.”

“[My superstitions] started freshman year when I threw my no-hitter against St.Paul’s. I felt good that day and I wanted to keep that same feeling by keeping everything the same, ” said Grace.

While Grace might enjoy his superstitions, his teammates are not as fond of them. Just ask Mark Lopez, the varsity baseball captain, who has stepped in Grace’s spit pile on more than one occasion. J.P. Woodward also has an opinion since Grace is always denying him sunflower seeds.

Grace’s superstitions aren’t just limited to Boys’ Latin games, either. No, Grace’s spit pools and sweatshirts go with him in the blistering heat on his summer team according to his brother, Sam.

Grace can only recall one game where he has forgotten about his superstitions. On April 23rd, 2016 against the St. Paul’s Crusaders, the same team he pitched a no-hitter against two years earlier, he forgot his superstitions. Grace gave up two home runs that day, one of them going about 400 feet, and BL lost the game 12-8.

It’s clear that Grace does not do well when he does not abide by his superstitions. Let’s hope that for the 2017 season, being a senior and the ace of the staff, Grace’s superstitions will help him and the rest of the BL team win another championship.

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